COVID-19 Protocols

2022 Covid-19 FAQ for Day Camp

IMPORTANT: Due to the continually changing pandemic situation and guidelines for safety, CMR’s COVID-19 Protocols may be modified at any time.  Please review the online CMR COVID-19 Protocols regularly.  We watch the Boulder County case numbers as reported by the CDC on the Covid-19 by County page and take our responsibility for the health of our campers and staff seriously. If you are registered for Camp and the Protocols are revised during the summer, you will be notified by email.

Is masking necessary outside? 



Will there be masking and social distancing?

There will be masking on buses and inside, plus social distancing whenever possible!

Will there be health checks?

Parents are expected to perform daily temperature and health checks at home first thing in the morning of each camp day and verbally report your camper’s health status to CMR staff at Bus Check-in.  

What are vaccination requirements?

All CMR staff members and many campers need to be up to date with their Covid vaccines.  Colorado State Child Care Licensing requires that a Colorado Certificate of Immunization form indicating all of the camper’s vaccinations, or a Colorado Exemption form, be on file for all campers.  

Are some vaccinations NOT required? 

Explorers and Western Riders are NOT required to be up to date with their Covid Vaccinations.

Are some Covid-19 Vaccinations Required? 

Staff, Mountaineers and CITs MUST be up to date with Covid vaccines - to allow for more mobility in these programs for older campers. 

Will there be group cohorts, bus pods and reserved seating? 

10-12 campers will make a group, with its own cluster of bus seats.  Each camper will have their own or an authorized-shared bus seat reserved for them.  There will be 2-3 camper groups per bus, making consistent bus pods each week. There can be no changing of groups or bus seats.

Will the buses promote health?

Bus windows will be down for air flow while moving.  Have your camper bring layers of clothing to wear to stay warm!

Do the buses ever get hot inside? In the afternoon, pick up your camper promptly to avoid waiting on a parked bus in the sun.

What if a staff member gets sick?

If a staff member has symptoms of sickness, they will be isolated and cared for. If they test positive for Covid-19 they will isolate for 5 days, and will wear a mask at all times until day 10.

What happens if a camper gets sick?

If a camper has symptoms of sickness, a parent will be called to come pick up their child.


2022 Covid-19 Protocols


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Colorado State


Boulder County Health Department

The American Camp Association 

PLEASE NOTE: Staff members are in residence at the Ranch as a family pod.  Regular temperature and health checks, masking, and social distancing are all part of daily life.  All CMR staff members are up to date with their Covid-19 vaccines.



- Masks are required indoors. ​

- Social distancing is practiced whenever possible for all children, guests, and staff members.

- All activities take place outdoors in the open air and sunshine.

​- All equipment is disinfected between groups. 

- Times are provided for hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds many times throughout the day, including before and after meals and using the toilet.   

- Hand sanitizer is also conveniently provided throughout the Ranch. 

- All CMR staff members are up to date with their vaccines for COVID resistance.

- Staff in bunkhouses will sleep head-to-toe.


- Masks are required indoors. 

- Masking is required during bus times.

- Masking is required if/when groups may need to come inside due to cold or rainy weather.  (Masks may only be removed for socially distanced eating or drinking.)


2022 CMR Programs and Policies are designed to follow the American Camp Association COVID Field Guide for Camps and CDC’s Guidance for Child Care Programs.

- All Camp activities are outdoors!

- Camper group numbers are limited to 12. Campers and counselors remain consistent within each group for the week.

- Individual groups eat lunch outdoors at separate lunch spots distanced from other groups and from each other as much as possible. Campers may not share food items. 

- If a child becomes sick while in our care, we will call you immediately and care for them in isolation until you can as quickly as possible pick them up at the Ranch.

​​- Sickness with Covid requires isolation for at least 5 days from positive test or onset of symptoms. Quarantine due to exposure is not necessary for those who are fully vaccinated.

- COVID-19 VACCINATION REQUIREMENTS: Participants in the CIT and Mountaineer Programs need to be up to date in their vaccines against COVID-19. This will allow them more mobility and prepare for the possibility of campout overnights for these older campers.

- Covid 19 Vaccinations are NOT required for Explorers or Western Riders.


Reserved Bus Each camper always rides on the same bus and in a seating area reserved for their group. Your child's bus may also have seating areas for two more groups close in school grade level and in the same program.


Reserved Seat Campers each have their own seat on their own bus in order to maintain social distancing, keep seating records, and to keep the seat reserved for your child's personal belongings. Campers may share a seat with one other camper if legal guardians of both children have pre-authorized them to do so regardless of vaccination status. These campers need to be close in grade level, and in the same program.

Bus Pod Camper groups of 8-12 will ride on their bus with another group or groups also in their same program. Each bus may include up to three groups close in grade level and in the same program. These campers form a "Bus Pod".

Personal Cubby Once in Camp, buses will be centrally parked and accessible throughout the day. Each camper’s bus seat will be their “personal cubby” for keeping their belongings separate from others. 


Masking on Buses Masking is NECESSARY on the bus, and the windows will be down for air circulation, so be sure your camper brings a comfortable mask (and an extra!) and layers of clothing to wear for warmth.  Everyone needs a warm jacket every day, no matter how hot it is in Boulder!


- Masking is mandatory on the buses. There may be up to two passengers per seat on the bus. 

- The windows will be down for air circulation, so be sure to bring a mask and layers to wear for warmth.

-  Masking is required when inside the main Lodge for any reason.

- Masking is required when guests go inside to eat, go through the buffet line, and while choosing a seat. Masks may only be removed to eat or drink.

- Masking is required if/when guests go inside due to cold or rainy weather.

- As much as possible, allow for 6 feet of distance between individuals indoors and out.


"Thank you so much for providing M with 'the best summer of his life'. You and your team have provided M with so many important qualities and lessons in a very fun environment.”

- SK, Parent