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Grow, Learn & Have Fun

at Colorado Mountain Ranch's confidence-building outdoor summer day camp. 
We offer a variety of programs for children entering grades 2-12.

NEW 2022 Camp Season!


Focus Day Camps



Rising: 5th-11th Graders for most Focus Camps

Water Focus: Rising 2nd-8th Graders

Counselors-in-Training: Rising 8th-12th Graders 



Weekly sessions from Monday-Friday, June 1-August 14, 2020



Transportation provided to and from the Ranch from North Boulder Park

Drop Off: 7:45-8:15am 

Pick Up: 4:30-5:15pm  



$555 Weekly Tuition (All Focuses except Horse Focus Camp)

$645 Weekly Tuition for Horse Focus Camp

+ One-time $50 Family Registration Fee for 2020

See our full Payment & Refund Policy Here



Focus Campers spend half of each day participating in their specific curriculum guided by specialized instructors and counselors. The other half of the day is spent either in teambuilding at the Challenge Course or in other activities as chosen by the group. Please see our FAQ for information on what campers should bring to their Focus Camp every day.


Focus Camps are designed for kids who know exactly what activities they like best. In many cases, Focus Campers have previously attended Adventure Camp and have discovered their favorite activity among the Ranch's offerings. 



Each Focus Camp has two consecutive activity times in the Focus area or two separate activity times, morning or afternoon. The specialized staff guides progressive curriculum at each camper’s own pace.

Explore our many Focus Camps and find the one that’s right for your child!

Mountainboarding Focus

Mountainboarding Focus Camp

Here at the Colorado Mountain Ranch, we don’t need to wait for snow to go boarding. Dirt never melts! Mountainboards are like snowboards with fat tires for riding over forested trails and on the terrain park. Boarders learn to maneuver at different speeds over varying terrain and master turns and jumps. Balance, confidence, and thrills grow bigger with practice. Whatever your experience or skill level, from beginner to advanced, the terrain park and instructors at The Colorado Mountain Ranch will help you find your best ride! No previous experience is necessary.



Mountainboarders receive progressive instruction and build skills one upon the other. Each boarder always uses the provided protective safety gear: helmet, leather gloves, and elbow, wrist, and kneepads. 



The course contains starter and intermediate terrain as well as more advanced terrain, jumps, and other features:

  • 3 table tops

  • 4 jumps

  • 2 rhythm sections

  • Tree course

  • Wallride

  • Rail ride

  • Quarter pipe



The full course line is about a 1/4 mile long from the very top to the bottom. The lower segment includes a smooth gradual incline for beginners as well as the most technical portion with it's rhythm sections, table tops, and jumps. The experienced rider starts at the upper table top which drops into the first rhythm section followed by our split-top. This route then breaks off into two lines, intermediate and advanced. The intermediate line starts from the lower side of the split-top and drops into a small kicker (manageable for kids) followed by the last rhythm section. The advanced line drops from the upper side of the split-top to our advanced table top followed by a four foot kicker. At the bottom of the main course, there is a wall ride/kicker combo quarter pipe, stabilized with an added rail/coping. There is another ramp with a grind rail. The open course ends at the beginning of the tree course.



The end of each week may feature an off-site free ride on rougher terrain in the mountains. Instructors may take riders off-trail to carve their own paths.

Gymnastics Focus

Gymnastics Focus Camp

Members of this focus group learn new skills and practice routines. They have an individually- coached 2-3 hour daily workout using equipment of choice. Pieces of apparatus include tumbling mats, bars, beams, mini-tramps, vaults, and trampolines. As tricks and progressions become more challenging, skills, grace, competence, and confidence soar! Gymnastics Focus Campers set personal goals and work on their own and with coaching to develop form and skills. Groups of campers often gather around to watch the Gymnastics Focus Campers practice and perform.  No gymnastics experience is required, just a passion to learn and a willingness to try.

gym focus.JPG
Trailblazer Focus

Trailblazers Focus Camp

PLEASE NOTE: $75  Fee for optional Wednesday night campout



Trailblazer experiences foster connection with nature through ecological awareness and environmental appreciation. Campers learn to respect, enjoy, and survive in the wilderness while gaining historical perspective through outdoor living skills, hiking, and archery. This focus covers important outdoor basics like:

  • Camp stove use and outdoor cooking

  • Building and maintaining a safe campfire 

  • Map-and-compass orienteering

  • Low-impact camping 

  • Backcountry first aid

  • Knot tying

  • The healthy evolution of ecosystems

  • What to do if lost in the backcountry

  • Edible and medicinal plant use

  • Survival shelter building

  • Wildlife tracking



After two days of nature immersion while learning outdoor skills, light-on-the-land techniques, and wilderness ethics, Wednesday presents the chance for a backcountry hike and optional campout. Trailblazers find themselves along a high ridge with breathtaking vistas, enjoying quiet, solitude, wildlife sightings, and unconfined recreation in the high country. The U.S. Forest Service provides educational materials and special-use wilderness hiking permits. On Thursday, campers can either return to North Boulder Park for regular dropoff or spend that night at our weekly camp overnight.

To go on an overnight, campers must bring a warm sleeping bag pillow, toothbrush, change of clothes, and packed lunch for Wednesday. CMR provides all other equipment in addition to snacks and dinner for Wednesday and lunch for Thursday. 



Parents authorize campout permission at initial registration, and campers let us know their intent on Tuesdays. If your camper wants to attend the Wednesday campout, have them arrive at North Boulder Park on Wednesday morning with all the required gear. They'll need to check-in at the sign-in table at North Boulder Park to confirm the plan. You may send a check or log into your online CMR account to pay the overnight fees. Your card will automatically be charged if your camper does spend the night(s).

Disc Golf Focus

Disc Golf Focus Camp

Does your child love frisbee golf? Want to improve their disc skills? Playing on our 18-hole forest course is a blast!


Disc golf requires strategy and skill. The disc golf course is unique in its setting among the forests and wildflower meadows of The Ranch. Our course has nine baskets, each with two separate tee-offs, for a total of 18 different approaches. Campers develop aim and coordination while outdoing their earlier scores. They play with partners or form teams for intramurals. Time in the woods has never been so much fun! 

Copy of Frolf.JPG
Water Focus

Water Focus Camp


Water Focus Campers spend half their time at a pool in Boulder or in nature at a stream or lake, and then the other half of the day experiencing camp activities. They travel to and from The Ranch only once each day for their half-day of mountain Camp activities.

Swims at local Boulder pools include personal swim lessons with our own instructors and lifeguards who meet each swimmer at their own level from beginner to advanced. Through water games, strength training, and practice, each swimmer is challenged to improve their stroke technique, style, strength, speed, stamina, and water safety.


“We now know what a truly wonderful camp we have in our very own backyard! My daughter loved your camp and is looking forward to more mountainboarding this summer! When I came up to visit on the last day of camp, I was astonished at the beautiful setting, the expansive area, the deep charming character of your camp! Thanks again, we are truly honored to spend time there.”

BS – Parent

Miller in his 4th year at CMR and first time in House Focus declared, “it just keeps getting better and better!” Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful and safe space for our children to have an authentic and real camp experience. We love you all!”

Brooke Davison, Parents of Miller & Chase

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