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Hanging in There: Good News & Friendship

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Hello CMR Friends and Families,

Whenever anyone asks these days, “How are you doing?” most of us here answer, “Hanging in there.” Yep, that’s what we’re doing. Hope that you’re doing the same.

We realize that parenting with everyone at home during shelter-in-place is often frustrating and for sure stressful. It’s a change in routine and it could feel like overall less is accomplished. Yet, on the flip side, you may not realize how much your children might actually love having more time with their parents. Work time together – kids doing homework at the same time a parent works from home — regular outdoor playtime with mom or dad, helping cook and having family meals together. This could be the quality time you’ve often strived for in the past.

However, everyone may feel somewhat confused and confined. Mom, dad and kids alike are probably grieving for what’s lost.

So to lift spirits, realize that it may be time to notice the wonders that your children really are. Take a look and notice that we adults could follow their lead in some ways. Model their resilience, adaptability, their fun-lovingness and inclination to laugh. Applaud that they can (occasionally at least) be nice to you and each other.

There will be life beyond what we’re all experiencing now. Please know that the Colorado Mountain Ranch is with you now and will be here for you and your kiddos when we move past this crisis. Camp gives kids the chance to run and play outdoors and find adventure. It’s a place where they can be close with nature, friends and a community all their own. Let’s look forward to the future!

One of our new horses, Smokey, at the ranch in early April.

Good news:

  • Statistics show that children are less vulnerable to the novel coronavirus.

  • You can find potential parallels to Isaac Newton’s life and your situation right now. He developed many of his important theories while under confinement during the Great Plague of 1665. Though he and his students had been sent home from Cambridge, Newton continued to work on math problems and created calculus. He experimented with prisms and developed optical theories. This is also when he sat under the apple tree and developed the theory of the law of gravity and the laws of motion! All this happened because he:

  1. Had time to muse and create

  2. Could pursue his own interests instead of follow curriculum

  3. Could observe and experiment

This story may encourage your children to do some observation and experimentation of their own!

Your Stories

Enjoy the throwback of the recently posted Your Stories from CMR alumni here. Join the fun and add your stories on this page, too!

Keeping Friendships Alive

What many of us miss now are face-to-face connections with each other. Making and giving friendship bracelets is a Camp way to stay connected with those we care about when we cannot be together in person. We can think about a special friend each time we make a bracelet and then save it as a gift for when we see them again.

Here is a tutorial of Josie explaining how to read a pattern and do a more advanced bracelet. She suggests a website for more advanced pattern ideas, or if you’re new to friendship-bracelet making, check out this video to explain the forward knot and an easy-to-follow pattern.

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Going to the camp summer of 2021 changed my life The community is amazing! Cant wait for 2022 summer!


Priya Sharma
Priya Sharma
05 thg 9, 2020

Hey, I love this post thanks for sharing this with us.

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