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Located at 8500' elevation in the majestic Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Mountain Ranch sits just above Boulder in the historic mining town of Gold Hill. The Ranch offers stunning views of the Continental Divide by day and the twinkling lights of Denver by night. With grounds covering 160 acres of wildflower meadows, aspen groves, and pine forests, this is the perfect setting for a meaningful summer camp, wedding and group events.


The Setting

The Ranch serves as a sanctuary for songbirds, boasting an outdoor amphitheater, hiking and riding trails, and a campfire ring. Dedicated venues cater to activities like gymnastics, mountainboarding, and disc golf, providing diverse recreational opportunities. Whether campers seek the creative spark of nature or the thrill of our outdoor activities, CMR offers an immersive experience amidst nature's beauty. From serene walks along forested paths to spirited games on lush green fields, each activity fosters a deep connection with the land and its inhabitants. The Ranch welcomes all to explore its natural wonders and vibrant community through Summer Day Camp, Weddings and Group Events.

The Lodge

At the heart of the Ranch sits our rustic turn-of-the century log lodge, which charms with the hospitality of the old West. The log Lodge was originally built in 1925 by Mary Malloy and Molly McClay as the hub of their M&M Riding Ranch.  Today the Lodge continues as the traditional heart and soul of the Colorado Mountain Ranch for meals and group gatherings, large and small.

Double M Ranch 1934.jpg
Main camp and plains.jpg

The Cabins

During the Summer, the cabins are home to our Summer Camp Staff. From mid-August through September, the cabins become available for overnight retreats. These retreats are ideal for college students, corporate team-building and other groups seeking a mountain retreat.

CMR_Monday_2019_2175 CROP.jpg


Type: Male Staff Cabin

Size: 2 Rooms

Build: Early 1950s, Coach Walker

Location: At the edge of the trees closest to the camp action



Type: Female Staff Cabin

Size: 2 Rooms

Build: Early 1950s, Coach Walker

Location: Just beyond the lodge overlooking Boulder Valley.



Type: Male Staff Cabin

Size: 2 Rooms

Build: Early 1950s, Coach Walker

Location: Nestled in the trees on the hill north of the lodge.



Type: Female Staff Cabin

Size: 7 Rooms, 2 Stories

Build: Mid 1920s, M&M Ranch Bunkhouse

Location: Front and center near the flagpole.

The Barn & Corral

Constructed in the spring following the devastating 2010 September Forest Fire, the current barn stands as a resilient symbol of renewal. Within its sturdy walls reside an inventory of saddles, tack, and Mike's workshop, serving as the heart of the ranch's western riding operations. Surrounding the barn, spacious corrals provide a home for our gentle horses and small farm animals, fostering a sense of tranquility and community. From the ashes of destruction emerged a sanctuary, where the spirit of resilience thrives alongside the animals it shelters, reminding all who visit of the enduring power of hope and perseverance.


The Ranch at a Glance

Take a look at our serene location in the Rocky Mountains above Boulder, Colorado. From our disc golf course to our riding trails, CMR boasts beautiful breathtaking views in every direction. Sharing our space with children and others is our passion. We are the ideal outdoors summer day camp, wedding, or group event location. Come, meet us on the mountain!


View from one of our meadows looking down to the lodge.


Creative Cabin and outdoor creative space.


Riding and hiking trail to activities such as yoga and archery.


Gymnastics & trampoline area with the barn and corral behind.


Riding and hiking trail to Canter Hill.


Disc golf net and teepee poles before the canvas is installed.


Archery Course


Front office and flagpole area.


Front steps to the lodge with ranch dog, Mojito.


The ranch is such a wonderful place and has such a wonderful spirit. Thank you for sharing it with all your guests!

– Lindsey

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