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Are you right for CMR?

Desirable Qualities

Please apply if you have sincere interest in children and you expect to have fun! Apply if you have an upbeat, warm personality, and are a good listener. You may be the perfect candidate. 


Can you be enthusiastic and reliable? Do you like to stay physically and mentally active and alert? Are you personable, highly energetic, safety-minded, honest, and willing to work hard for rewards beyond financial gain? Can you be flexible and adaptable as circumstances and priorities often change? Working at the Ranch could be just what you're looking for!

Multi-faceted Expectations

Our staff members need to be ready to contribute in many ways throughout the summer. We are looking for people who are multi-talented with a variety of skills to share, love kids, and are willing & flexible!

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We are a unique summer day camp in a one-of-a-kind historic mountain setting above Boulder.

Are you ready for one of the most memorable summers of your life?

Hiring for Summer 2024 has closed.

Steps to Elevate Your Summer Vibes!


10 weeks with the kids, 12 weeks in the mountains. Work at the raddest mountain camp where breathtaking views meet adventure-packed days.



Read over our website and soak in all the details of what makes our camp the “best in all the world”. Knowledge is power!  



We're all about unique personalities.

Write a short bio that screams 'You' - share your passions, quirks, and what makes you the perfect addition to our camp crew.  



Ready to make waves this summer?

Don't hold back – we're excited to get to know you!  



Keep an eye on your inbox!

We'll be sliding into your email with updates, interviews, and all the deets you need.



Help us put a face to the you with a virtual interview.

A casual chat about your passions, experiences, and why you're stoked for camp life.


If you snag a spot on our squad, celebrate with your favorite dance move! We can't wait to welcome you to the most epic summer ever.

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Before taking the time to complete your application, you may wish to get an idea of the possibility of the Colorado Mountain Ranch being a fit for you this summer. 

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Make New Lifelong Friends!

A Community of Friends!

Colorado Mountain Ranch is a special place where people connect in outdoor active fun. It’s easy to become friends with others who enjoy staying active outdoors in the mountains and working with children. Our staff develops into a close-knit residential community.

Mission and Values

We invest in young lives moving into the future in today’s world, campers and staff members alike. The whole Camp Community grows through the values of Simplicity, Nature, Connection, and Fun! Check out the details on our homepage.

Camp Size

The staff this summer will number about 40 and there will be about 150 campers each week. A number of Native American Indian children, wildfire victims, and students from our local two-room mountain elementary school receive scholarships. The Ranch property is 160 mountain acres on the ridge between Boulder Canyon and Left Hand Canyon.


Everyone on staff gains documentable experience as youth development professionals. Some staff positions may include paid internships!

Expect to grow in confidence and experience.

Our clientele expects confident personal presentation and a neat and clean appearance. Be ready to commit to making the Ranch successful in providing a rewarding experience for yourself and others.

Professional Qualities.

As a staff member of the Ranch you can look forward to growing many qualities that are vital in the professional world. You will grow valuable skills that will benefit the following areas in any future studies or career: communication, critical thinking, creativity, patience, flexibility, collaboration, empathy, respect, integrity, work ethic, problem-solving, persistence, self-discipline, leadership, and initiative.

Stay active outdoors!

We are looking for a few high-spirited people to join our team and contribute to the overall operation of the Ranch. Everyone helps with daily support crews, set-up and clean-up, general maintenance, and other work projects. Our staff is instrumental in creating and implementing every aspect of Ranch programs, activities, food service, hospitality, and facility use and upkeep. 


The ranch kept coming up in my meditation this morning. Reflecting on the many experiences I've had this summer I noticed how much they have impacted my personal life. I have truly come to value the ranch and can't think of a better place to spend the time.

-Sean, yoga instructor, 2018

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