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The Colorado Mountain Ranch is the ideal Rocky Mountain summer job for college students looking to spend a summer growing on skills they already have and learning new skills.


Summer Day Camp Positions



Teach Western riding, natural relationship with horses, bridling, saddling, horse and animal care, breeds and colors, Roping, Western Art (drawing horses), facilitate Animal Care of horses and small farm animals (goats and kids), feed and care for all animals, and keep corrals, barn and tack clean and serviceable (mucking).

Children's Activity Instructors

Teach instructional progressions in relation to each child's ability and development in the following areas:


MOUNTAINBOARDING (like snowboarding on wheels)

DISK GOLF (with Frisbees ®)



NATURE CRAFTS & OUTDOOR SKILLS (Fire-building, campfire safety, use of camp stoves and outdoor cooking, reading the woods and weather for wilderness survival, leave-no-trace, hiking and exploring, tracking, ecology, foraging, basketry, etc.)








​Children's Group Counselors

Lead and guide children's groups and assist with programs. 


Kitchen Manager | Head Cook

Plan and serve regular well-balanced meals for up to 40 staff. Our Kitchen Manager | Head Cook is in charge of three meals every day, snacks every day, and meals for occasional adult events. They also plan menus, orders supplies, schedule and manage the kitchen. They oversea the dining room team, serving, and manage the buffet. The Kitchen Manager | Head Cook is in charge of safely putting up food after meals. They facilitate regular clean-up, maintenance of the kitchen, dining room, food prep and storage areas. They help with dish & pan washing and also lend a hand in floor mopping, and end of day kitchen shut-down.

Prep Cook | Baker

The Prep Cook | Baker assists the Kitchen Manager | Head Cook. They help with cooking, baking, food prep and buffet management. This staff member will also help with table setting, serving, dish and pan washing. They will also assist in mopping, over-all clean up, maintenance of the dining room, kitchen and food storage areas.


Transport clientele in vans and buses. This position combines with another main job in the Summer Camp Program. New bus drivers receive the benefit of tuition-free Commercial Driver License Training & Certification.


Care for our family’s curious almost-three-year-old girl; occasional supervision and tutoring for her energetic seven-and-a-half-year-old 2nd grade sister; and lending an ear and tutoring their lively thirteen-year-old sister. Occasional care for the girls’ four-year-old boy cousin and possibly their eight-and-a-half-year-old stepbrother.


Help the Ranch with public, staff, and Camper communications as our Office Secretary. Computer skills are critical in order to assist camper parents with payments, registration, attendance; communicating in-person, online, and over the phone. Flexibility and willingness to learn are very important!

Health Care

Assist with ​staff and camper health. Help with any injuries, give out prescribed medication, and be the point person for any medical concerns. You will need to soothe both physical and mental ailments.

Ranch Hand | Maintenance

The Ranch Hand | Maintenance Staff take care of general upkeep of all systems such as mechanical, electrical, automotive, plumbing, and repairs. They also help with loading, hauling, landscaping, set-up and cleanup throughout Camp.

Camp Photographer | Media Manager

Take photographs throughout Camp and manage photographs taken by other staff. Post to parents and our social media platforms. Makes photo albums documenting the summer.

Jobs & Wages

2024 Wages & More


Starting salary for most new staff members is $460 per week before taxes, plus room and board. New wranglers earn $475 per week, plus room and board. The starting salary for the Head Cook/Kitchen Manager may be negotiable. We come together for kids, projects, and meals 6 days and 4-5 evenings each week. Our work includes guiding and playing with children, team building, planning, and personal and community development.

Meals & Housing Benefits

Enjoy rent-free living in bunkhouse-style dormitory cabins and good hearty home-made meals served all-you-can-eat buffet style! Snacks are always available. In addition to salary and room and board, staff members receive laundry allowance, leadership training, on-the-job worker's compensation insurance, valuable professional work experience, influential future personnel references, membership in an exciting community of peers, and the experience of a lifetime!


All staff members regularly have one to two nights off during the weekdays, plus Saturday night through Sunday night off on the weekend. Being a Day Camp for kids and a Resident Camp for staff, the Colorado Mountain Ranch can usually offer all staff members the same time-off schedule together! CLICK HERE to learn more about the "Week Away" option.

Paid Internships

Design your own internship with a professor or head of the department where you study. Work experience in Camp lends itself well to most programs of study, especially pursuits in the equine, education, recreation, and outdoors fields. Students looking to have a career in psychology, sociology, parks and recreation, hotel and resort management, culinary, art & media, and sustainability also gain beneficial skills while working at the Ranch. We are happy to talk about your internship intentions. You can count on us to satisfy requirements for your supervision, assessments, and reports.

Staff Dates
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Important 2024 Dates

Summer Dates are May 21 - August 11, 2024

We provide transportation to the Denver Airport for both the arrival date and departure date. Ten days of orientation is followed by eleven weeks of children's programs. The summer ends with a day of wrap-up and celebration.

Arrival Times

All new staff members must arrive by 3:00pm on Thursday, May 21, 2024. New wranglers arrive by 3:00pm on Friday, May 17, to begin wrangler training. Bus driver trainees arrive by 3:00pm Monday, May 13, to begin training. ARRIVAL DATES ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE!

Departure Times

The summer season concludes August 11, 2024. This is the departure date for most staff, whether by airplane or car.  (In special circumstances and with advance notice, an earlier departure date may be negotiated.)

Some staff members stay later in August and into September for the fall season of events and projects.


Hello Colorado Mountain Ranch, Thanksgiving has passed, and this year what I found to be most grateful for was you. I was so nervous when I arrived in the summer, and a little bit lost. I needed the Ranch more than I knew. After I left the Ranch, I moved to Texas. I got a job working with foster kids (teenagers) in a residential group home facility. I believe for a fact that without the encouragement and life lessons I learned at the Ranch that I would not be where I am now. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you. My time at the Ranch changed my life for the better. You have created a beautiful place for growth. Thank you. ♥

 - Ariel Thomas, Archery Instructor & Lifeguard 2018

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