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Registration is open for the 2024 Summer Day Camp Season! 

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Meet the 2024 Staff! We are happy to have a high return rate of staff members from last year's season. The Colorado Mountain Ranch has an extensive hiring process to make sure both team-member and CMR align in many different aspects from morals to lifestyle.


The Best People

We hire the best people from all over the country!

Our team may be brought together from all corners of the country, but we all have the same mission every summer; create a safe, magical summer for children and teens. From our wranglers to our counselors, every member of our staff has put in the effort to demonstrate their passion to inspire and lead. We truly believe we hire the best people and they are the reason we are voted "Best Summer Camp in Boulder" year after year.

We asked them 5 questions:

1. What are you up to in your life right now?
2. What is your favorite part of Nature?
3. Who did you look up to when you were a kid?
4. What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
5. What is the nerdiest thing you do?

Returning Staff Members

Ben Ryan.png

Ben Ryan

1. I am currently in college at CU Boulder.

2. My favorite part of Nature is its diversity.

3. When I was young I looked up to Barack Obama

4. Just be happy!

5. I do a Gollum impression!


Evan Smith

1. A little bit of this and a whole lot of that.

2. The mountains.

3. I looked up to my teachers, until about 6th grade when I became taller than them.

4. “Don't be an idiot. Before I do anything I ask myself, 'Would an idiot do that? ' And if the answer is yes, I do not do that thing.”

5. I like learning about Greek mythology.


Seth Lampton

1. Currently, I have been working and attending school at a JuCo in Johnson County, KS. I am planning on transferring to a 4-year where I will study sport management.

2. My favorite part of nature is how it can help us connect with ourselves and others.

3. As a kid, I looked up to Luke Skywalker

4. Never mine straight down.

5. I may drop human evolutionary lore at random.

Collette Perez.heif

Collette Perez

1. Right now I am bartending and trying to save for a trip to Paris after summer.

2. My favorite part of nature is the sky, I love how it's always changing yet always the same, how dramatic and calm it can be on the same day yet always beautiful.

3. Most people and I still do, I'm pretty short.

4. Only boring people get bored.

5. Bringing books into the woods to identify rocks and plants.

Asa Unruh.jpeg

Asa Unruh

1. Running a coffee shop in Winter Park and skiing as much as I can!

2. I love the sounds of the birds and the trees and the smell of mud and fresh rain.

3. I always looked up to my two older sisters as a child.

4. The best advice I’ve ever gotten is to stick to whatever you’re passionate about. The best things never come easy.

5. The nerdiest thing I do is probably playing D&D and Minecraft in my free time.

Emma Brockinton.jpeg

Emma Brockinton

1. I am a Senior at the College of Charleston majoring in history and minoring in theater and crime, law, and society.

2. I would say that my favorite part of Nature is its serenity. Escaping from life's stresses and exploring something as beautiful as nature is the best medicine.

3. When I was a kid, I looked up to my parents and grandparents.

4. The best advice I have gotten is to slow down and take it all in, I will conquer my goals but enjoy the journey life gives me.

5. I love Marvel and Harry Potter

Emily Lodge.jpg

Emily Lodge

1. I'm just finished a stint in teaching and am excited to get back to the mountains and the ranch.

2. It's hard to explain what my favorite part of nature is. But at the end of the day, I enjoy how nature reminds you of the things that matter.

3. My dad. He's the best.

4. "Set yourself up for success."

5. I'll write new vocabulary words (and their part of speech and definition) on my fridge with an expo marker so I can see them while sitting on my couch.

Aidan Whitehall.jpg

Aidan Whitehall

1. I just finished up my sophmore year at Tallahassee Community College and cannot wait to be back at the ranch!

2. My favorite part of Nature is being able to watch the motion of the trees or ocean on a nice clear sunny day, and sometimes be lucky enough to see some wildlife. 3. I have always looked up to both of my grandfathers.

4. "Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way." - Alan Watts

5. The nerdiest thing that I do is play video games with my friends.


Will Reynolds

1. I’ve been traveling all the 50 states for the last year trying to get all 50 before I turn 20.

2. My favorite part about nature is definitely water. I love the beach, lakes, ponds all of it.

3. I looked up to my grandma growing up. She always had a smile on her face and never complained.

4. Best advice I’ve been given is “why not try that crazy plan out, because if it fails you can always come back home”.

5. I’m such a nerd about cars and could talk your ear off all day about them.


Alanakai Phillips

1. I am currently a biology major, minoring in psychology and environmental science!

2. The sounds of the forest and ocean are my favorite part of nature. I love the ocean waves and the sound of the trees.

3. Someone who I strive to be like is my grandpa, Sumo Pa. His response to everything is “Namaste,” no matter how bad or good the situation is.

4. The best advice that my cousins and I use is, Don’t think. Just do. Does it sometimes lead to bad decisions? Yes, but it mostly turns out for the best… depends on the person.

5. You “might” hear me playing the same three songs for two weeks straight. I’m sorry.


Ava Shanrock

1. I just finished up my second year of community college in Monterey California. I am studying communications.

2. My favorite part of nature is definitely the trees. I love all of the green and the different heights of trees throughout a forest. Although I also love swimming in the ocean.

3. I definitely looked up to and still look up to my aunt. She has such a big heart and is super thoughtful. I hope to have those qualities be represented in me.

4. Growing up my dad always told me to learn as much as I can. That has always stuck with me and is something I try to do everyday.

5. I am super into economics and business. I have taken a lot of classes in those fields in high school and college.

Zoe Koch.jpeg

Zoe Koch

1. I just finished my freshman year at the University of Kansas where I studied Information Systems. In my free time, I volunteer at an equine therapy and riding ranch, and work as a manager at Panera Bread.

2. I absolutely love Nature, especially trees, because they provide us with life simply by existing.

3. When I was a kid, and even now, I have always looked up to my teachers. They have been a great source of inspiration for me.

4. The best advice I have ever received was to avoid criticism: say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. 5. To be honest, one of the nerdiest things I do is religiously watch Bob Ross. There's just something about his painting techniques that I find fascinating.

Morgan Peak.png

Morgan Peak

1. I just finished up my junior year at Iowa State University and am working towards an Agriculture Education degree! I love all of the opportunities and culture that agriculture has to offer, and I just want to help children learn about the bountiful industry.

2. The vast, ever-changing sky. I love how you can look at the sky and never see the same picture twice, and how wide it can be.

3. I looked and still look up to my amazing mother. She is a very strong, independent, confident, and loving parent. She is one of the major reasons I am who I am today.

4. You can't solve problems with the thinking that made them.

5. I am OBSESSED with the "Mamma Mia!" movie. I will never get tired of watching it and I easily know every line!


Liv Wilburn

1. I’m currently working towards getting my PhD in Mechanical Engineering at CU Boulder! I’m very passionate about sustainability and helping the environment, and hope to use my knowledge and skillset to help the planet. I also coach the CU Women’s Ice Hockey team on the side.

2. Nature can make you feel so small in such a calming way. Views of the mountains are something I’ll never get tired of and being immersed in nature always feels like home.

3. My grandparents were both very outdoorsy at a time where it was a bit more uncommon. My grandmother wrote a book on wildflowers, and my grandfather is cited in a book for being the first person to summit a certain mountain. Although I didn’t grow up with them around, stories about them made an impact on me from a very young age.

4. What if things go right?

5. When I was 7 I dressed up as Darth Vader for Halloween.


Kirk Furey

1. I work at Fairview High School in Boulder as a member of the security monitor team. I have been living in the Boulder area for the last 2 years and have been a returning staff member at CMR since 2019. I love to travel and am currently writing this while hanging out in a hostel lounge in Seattle!

2. I really enjoy the wildlife, including birds and insects. It’s really fascinating watching them go about their day and how unique they all are. Plus it’s always exciting to spot a moose!

3. My grandparents were always a great source of inspiration for me. My grandfather has always been a wise and supportive man, and my grandmother was an amazing cook and could throw a party like no one else. I’ve also looked up to my Dad who always been supportive of me and helped me whenever I needed it. He used to be in the Merchant Marines and growing up I loved hearing his stories of traveling on ships around the world.

4. A quote from Alan Watts that’s always on my mind: “You are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago.”

5. I like playing chess and have been studying chess books to improve my skill at the game.

Returning Staff

New Staff Members

We asked them 5 questions:

1. What are you up to in your life right now?
2. What is your favorite part of Nature?
3. Who did you look up to when you were a kid?
4. What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
5. What is the nerdiest thing you do?


Madison "Maddie" Morck

1. I am finishing my Junior year at the College of Charleston majoring in sociology with a minor in early childhood education. I work at an elementary school in Charleston and a gift shop when I am back in NY. My favorite hobby is hot yoga.

2. My favorite part of nature is being on the water; whether it’s a lake, river or the ocean.

3. I have always looked up to my hard working parents.

4. To stop and smell the roses

5. I love to thrift!


Josh Tarbox

1. I currently help take care of my sister and also I do help out with my family and explore new places nearby.

2. My favorite part of nature is that no matter where you are it is always around. It will always bring you peace and is just amazing to be in. Nature makes you feel at one with yourself and the world around you.

3. Growing up even though he is only 10 mins older than me, I would say my twin brother was someone I could look up to or just more like look as an example of myself.

4. The best advice I have been given is just keep moving forward. As long as you do that nothing can stop you.

5. I love to try out new crazy board games.


Lucas Lovnander

1. I’m currently studying Aerospace Engineering at Purdue University and I’m really enjoying it so far despite the workload.

2. My favorite part of Nature is watching landscapes change. Whether it’s caused by the changing of seasons or driving to a different part of the country I find the wide variety nature offers fascinating.

3. As a kid I looked up to my Dad, growing up abroad and moving to the US later in life he always had cool stories to tell and I hope to have some cool stories of myself by the time I’m his age.

4. The best advice I’ve gotten is that everything will always work itself out in the end and to not take life too seriously.

5. The nerdiest thing I do is definitely build rockets in the rocketry club I’m in at Purdue. Space and everything that comes with it is super cool to me.


Em Senefeld

1. I am currently studying Journalism and Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human Ecology at Indiana University. This fall 2024 will be the start of my junior year!

2. My favorite part of nature is the natural music that is created by the wind blowing through the trees or the birds singing early in the morning.

3. I looked up to my older sister as a kid. She showed me that the dreams I have of traveling, making meaningful relationships, and studying a wide variety of topics can be more than just daydreams.

4. The best advice I've ever received was from my favorite book, The Alchemist, which preaches about the beauty of the journey instead of the destination. I try to apply this mindset to my life as I work through the unending changes that come with being in my twenties.

5. The nerdiest thing I do is read in my free time. I am a huge bookworm and happy to wear that title with pride.


Sarina Kuhnle Oliveri

1. Currently I'm wrapping up my sophomore year at Purdue University where I major in Political Science and Natural Resources and Environmental Science. I've had so many amazing opportunities to travel and spend time outdoors this year and I'm super excited to spend my summer at the Ranch learning, playing and working outside!

2. My favorite part of nature is how small it can make you feel. I love getting to know how all the little parts of our environment work together to create the amazing world we live in!

3. When I was a kid I looked up to my Nonno! He was always so in touch with his roots, the hardest worker I know and was never afraid to get his hands dirty starting a new project and exploring all his hobbies and passions.

4. The best advice I have ever gotten and something I try to keep in the back of my head is "How you spend your days is how you spend your life".

5. I LOVE pickling things. I have a little fermentation and pickling lab in my apartment right now and make the BEST spicy pickles and pickled beets (going to try making cheese next fingers crossed).


JP Rivera

1. I am currently working on getting my associates degree in environmental science and also my bachelors degree in sustainability at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs Colorado.

2. My favorite part of nature is listening to the wind blow through the pines. Or another favorite of mine is going on a hike through the woods and seeing tons of flora and fauna.

3. I had a lot of folks to look up to when I was younger, but if I had to pick one it would be my grandpa Nils. My grandfather taught me to love nature and taught me the importance of taking care of the environment. He also taught me a lot about working hard and how to have perseverance in life.

4. Some of the best advice I’ve received is from Deepak Chopra “The past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift. That is why this moment is called ‘the present’. I find this to be great advice for anyone, it is so important to enjoy and be present in the moment.

5. Some of the nerdiest things I do are watching Star Wars, Harry Potter and playing video games likes Skyrim and Fallout. I also really enjoy reading comics and learning tons about super hero’s like spider man and Venom.


JD Crow

1. I bake and cook a lot for the intentional community I live at called East Wind. I play TOTK and watch lots of movies too.

2. Moss, and Frogs and colorful rocks have to be my favorite part about nature. I also love the river and river activities.

3. Aang from Avatar be the last air bender. No explanation needed.

4. You don’t have to be anything existing is enough, you are enough as you are now.

5. Play Magic the Gathering or My RPG campaign called Space truckers.


Emma "Summers"

1. I just graduated from high school, and for the next year I hope to travel around Colorado.

2. My favorite part of nature is wherever you are in life, you can always count on nature to find peace. You can always find something to appreciate in nature and it teaches us to have joy in the little things.

3. I have always looked up to my aunt Emily. She is only 12 years older than I am so she is just like a sister to me. She still is my biggest idol and I will forever want to be like her. I have also always looked up to my older sister Olivia. She is pretty cool :)

4.The best advice I have ever gotten is to enjoy the little things in life.

5. The nerdiest thing I do is watch pottery videos on Instagram when I have freetime.


Sam Stewart

1. I am deciding the next steps in my career and learning new things at camp this summer! I just finished a stint as a preschool outdoor classroom teacher and next I may go back to working with infants and toddlers or start teaching early childhood education at the community college or university level.

2. I love all the little things in nature, such as wildflowers, moss, and insects!

3. I have looked up to my parents and family members who show so much love and have provided me with incredible opportunities to learn and grow!

4. One of my graduate school professors told us to always say yes to new opportunities, and that has led me to many meaningful relationships and fun experiences!

5. I love listening to non-fiction audiobooks. From this, I have recently learned about sustainable fashion, trees, moss, and owls.


Emerson Shepard

1. I just finished my first year at Purdue University where I study Agribusiness and Political Science. I have loved my first year as I have made so many memories and made such good friends.

2. My favorite part of nature is sunsets, I love how the sky can make such a variety of colors. Living in the Midwest and watching the sunset with my friends in an open cornfield was so calm and beautiful. I hope to see a sunset in every state along with the northern lights one day!

3. As a child I looked up to both my parents, my dad is one of the most hardworking people I know and his encouragement for me to explore the world is one of the reasons why I'm headed out to Colorado this summer. My mother's kindness taught me to lend a hand in any way I can and to always be a confident, strong woman.

4. Best advice would have to be. "When an opportunity comes along, just go for it, you'll never know where it will lead you to"

5. I LOVE ancient Egypt and Greek mythology documentaries!


Steven Cope

1. Currently, I'm exploring new topics to study in philosophy. I love deep conversations and grand explorations into life's ultimate questions. I am continually searching for a truth I can feel in my heart.

2. My favorite part of Nature is the art-like, beautiful orderliness that can be found and felt. Oftentimes, our busy lives make us feel like there is only chaos, and we feel like there is no "place" or "home" for things. Strangely, seeing a landscape blanketed with fauna and flora restores the sense of homeliness in the world for me.

3. When I was young, I never really looked up to any one person. I looked up to the values that I saw in people. Of all values that acted as models to me, hardwork and stoic integrity were the most important. When I saw the best of these values in people, I was inspired.

4. Don't live to be remembered; live for love. After we are forgotten, our love will live on in the hearts of those who felt it. In a way, those who show love live forever, though their names and faces are forgotten.

5. I listen to old philosophy audiobooks while I workout.

Micayla Hartmann.jpg

Micayla "Mick" Herrmann

1. Right now, I’m a freshman nursing major at Gonzaga University in Washington, and my dream after getting my BSN is to work abroad with the UNHCR before coming back to the States to specailize in pediactrics or OB/GYN.

2. I grew up a few blocks away from the beach, so I’m an ocean girl by nature (pun intended), but I’m also in love with forests and mountains- I love being enveloped in nature in a way that makes you forget everything else.

3. My grandmother- she’s an immigrant from Germany, and first arrived in America to roadtrip through it with her best friend. She met my grandfather on the ship back to Germany, and left all of her luggage on the boat to make sure he would come back to see her (and he still hasn’t left, fifty years later) and learned English from Sesame Street watching it with my dad when he was a baby. She taught me life is meant to be an adventure, and if you have love, you really don’t need anything else.

4. “Don’t keep a mistake, just because you spent a lot of time making it” - my mom

5. I have listened to all 384 episodes of the Dear Hank and John podcast (from the Green Brothers,creators of Crash Course), I’ve read every single book Agatha Christie has written, and I know every Hamilton song by heart.


Mia Andre

1. I go to CU Boulder where I study Psych and will (hopefully) be minoring in Anthropology

2. The mountains! Growing up in Colorado, I've always loved being able to see the mountains wherever I am. Hiking is super fun too.

3. My dad for sure. I've always thought he was the coolest.

4. Sometimes failing is even better than succeeding because you get another chance to try again!

5. I'm a total music nerd. I have a record collection that I spend an embarrassing amount of time playing, cleaning, thinking about, and gazing at lovingly. Ask me about any genre of music and I can give you some great recommendations!

Sarah Alexander.jpg

Sarah Alexander

1. I am about to be a sophomore at the University of Kentucky studying Equine Science and Management with a minor in German on a Pre-Veterinary track. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, enjoying nature and riding either my horse or showing with my team at UK!

2. My favorite part of nature is the ability it has to completely change my mood!

3. I looked up to my older siblings, especially one of my brothers a lot when I was younger, all I wanted was to be as cool as him.

4. The best advice I have ever gotten was to "notice the effect you have on those around you, but do not overuse that power" from one of my teachers in high school.

5. The nerdiest thing I do is listen to podcasts! I listen to them all the time and have favorites in all different genres!


Aden "Maverick" Bicknell

1. I am about to head into my first year of college, and currently I spend my free time either outdoors, with friends, volunteering, or producing films.

2. My favorite part of nature is getting away from the judgment of others, and being somewhere where you can't expect society to be there, just yourself and those around you.

3. When I was a kid, I looked up to the fourmile fire chief, Bret Gibson - I still do. He is a great guy and has endless experience, and is always willing to help out anyone who needs it.

4. Off the top of my head, the best advice I have ever gotten is either “Put the wet stuff on the red stuff,” (relating to putting water on a fire) or George Carlin's quote, “Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things.”

5. The nerdiest thing I do is everything I do, because, if you think about it, everything is nerdy, in and of itself.


Clark Henry

1. I currently live at an Intentional Community in the Ozarks of Missouri. I'm interested in exploring other IC's around the U.S. and exploring nature along the way. My main interest is to experience alternative lifestyles outside of the mainstream in an attempt to connect to myself and the natural world in ways that I don't find possible in the mainstream lifestyle.

2. My favorite part of nature is the beauty and majesty of the natural world. Experiencing nature has many healing benefits that are unique and beneficial to emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

3. I looked up to many people as a child including my parents, my older siblings, some of my teachers, various artists and musicians, and some pop culture icons.

4. The best advice I've ever gotten is to be genuine and authentic to myself.

5. I do many nerdy things. I play Magic the Gathering, various table-top role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and I'm a musician.


Nani Goad

1. I am excited to start this new chapter by working at this ranch. My passion is adventure, I have so much eagerness to partake in the coming explorations.

2. Animals are my favorite part of nature. I strive to be like a monkey. No matter where I am, I will always find a good climbing tree and some mysterious critters under rocks.

3. A load of different people. I have always found advice and mentorship within the hearts of good people. Often complete strangers can reveal a whole new realm of adoration. My mom, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Also lot of male actors like Jeff Goldblum, he’s really weird. I love that guy.

4. In this world of contradiction, it’s better to be merry, than wise. I found that little number in a fortune cookie and it always felt it pertains to my life.

5. Some people think its strange that I listen and sometimes meditate to the wind. It tells me when I must leave or stay. My soul feels a deep history with the earth. I also like to doodle. But my curiosity and interest expand beyond the farthest corners of space. Not just one thing can hold my interest.


Michaela "Mickey" Reynolds

1. I just completed my yoga teacher training in Bali last December. I am currently working as a server figuring out what I’d like to do with my certificate which has lead me here ! I also have been learning piano, working out, and spending lots of time in nature.

2. Being connected to everything everywhere. Knowing I’m surrounded by the things that created me. I love the peace and beauty that comes with being out in nature.

3. My dad has always been my biggest influence.

4. To be here now in this moment. I know this is kind of an overused quote but I love it. “yesterdays the past tomorrow is the future but today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present” this alone has changed how I experience my everyday life. So many people are so worried about what they have done or where they’re going to be and are constantly searching for that feeling of “I’ll be happy when….” It’s super important to sit back and realize everything that’s happening right now is what matters most.

5. I am a pretty big SpongeBob fan. I might have a couple SpongeBob related articles of clothing. I have plans of getting 7 and 1/2 doodlebobs tattooed on me. I also have a pretty big squishmallow and plant collection at home.


Chloe Seibert

1. In life, I am a new(ish) dog mom to a dachshund named Hazel. I got my Bachelors of Science from the University of Colorado Denver in 2022 and I am applying to dental school this summer in hopes of being a Pediatric Dentist someday. I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life and love to do anything outside! I came to this camp for a couple of Summers as a kid and have dreamed about working here ever since.

2. My favorite part about nature is how often it changes, but also how never gets any less beautiful.

3. When I was a kid, I always looked up to my parents. They always pushed me to be the best person I can be and to lead by example. They are always looking for new experiences to give us and encourage us to try new things, no matter what.

4. The best advice I’ve ever received was to believe in delayed gratification. If you are working really hard at something, but not seeing results right away, that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. As long as you don’t give up and continue to believe, it will eventually go your way or develop into a better goal/dream you may have never even considered.

5. The nerdiest thing I do is that I listen to audiobooks and pod casts in the car instead of playing music. It’s more likely you’ll hear a story about a college of dragon riders instead of Taylor Swifts new album (don’t worry Taylor… I still love you).


Rowan Krammer

1. I am currently decompressing with my mom and my older brother in Folly Beach after just finishing my finals! I go to school at College of Charleston and I am working to obtain my Psychology Major and my Entrepreneurship Minor. My dream is to help people in a holistic and freeing way with a holistic medicine and mental health business! But, overall just to help people the best I can. I just started my new read today, and first one of the summer, Withering Heights, I’ve missed just tuning in to this beautiful earth and getting lost in the pages of a beautiful other world and the minds of another. I am in the midst of all the nostalgia of freshman year, my childhood and the excitement for this summer and a new beginning all at once right now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

2. My favorite part of nature is just slowing down and turning inward. Connecting with the deepest roots of myself and others beautiful souls is such a wonderful thing that nature brings out in us. I am the most in the moment, oh just how beautiful it is to zone in to every little thing and seeing it for all it is. I love being able to hear what is truly going on internally, that I may have lost in all the chaos of our everyday lives, and I love how it helps me to hear what i truly need and recenter. My mind races a lot and nature is sometimes the only place that can slow it down, especially the woods. It helps me to remember all the love that is coursing through my veins and soul, and I love seeing that come out in others too, assisting me in remembering to slow it down and reconnect.

3. My big brothers were like the two people that I wanted to be most like when I was younger. They meant everything to me and still do. The way they carry themselves and don’t let anyone change their hearts desires or what anyone has to say, has inspired me since I was a little wee-one. I always was looking for their validation in everything and had to fight more being the youngest and only girl, but I am grateful for the tough spirit they have instilled in me, and now having curated two best friends in brother form. I still love learning from them everyday, but now I teach them too!

4. Probably every single thing that had come out of my moms mouth, she is the most profoundly beautiful and loving soul I have ever come across. she has turned me in to an obsessive growth-filled machine, and helped me created an optimistic mind, that was once a hardened pessimistic mind. I also am always trying to learn from every single person i come across, I believe there is a lesson and kindred message in almost every encounter, if you want to rake it that way, we all are here to teach each other things as best as we can with the love we have to give. But, most recently, my yoga teachers words have been resonating over and over in my head: “I think our only true journey is finding our way back to our younger selves,” and I couldn’t agree more. I try to dig a little deeper each day and find that beautiful selfless loving and confident little girl, I think it’s so important bringing all ages of our lives together as best as we can to spread love in unison within our lives and others.

5. I don’t truly believe there’s any such thing as being too nerdy or too different but if I had to pick something probably that i like to try to unroll basic societal standards, if I'm doing something with my friends I'm like let’s walk backwards or just scream for no reason because we can. I just don’t like to go with the crowd and I guess in some cases that can make me nerdy, but its my favorite thing to do, and I like trying to push the people I love to just be free and their most authentic selves, too, and uncovering the things buried deepest inside of us.

New Staff


We are so grateful for your support and love of my son. He really thrives with you all. He comes home everyday from camp, with such happiness and content. It has been incredible to see how much he has grown in your community!

– Edica Pacha, parent, 2015

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