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Learn how to apply to have a summer in Colorado living at 8500' elevation.

Work with children and build meaningful connections with other staff members.

Hiring for Summer 2024 has closed.

Steps to Apply

1. Applicants must already have a US Social Security Number to be considered.

2. If interested, complete our online application.

3. Click here to create an account with login details.

4. Be SURE to select ‘Staff’ as your user type when registering.

5. Once logged in, click on your name.

6. Click on New Staff Application 2024 and start entering your details!

7. When you are done, submit your application.

8. Expect an email response from the Ranch within 24 hours notifying you that we have received your application and directions to schedule your Initial Interview.   


9. If you do not hear from us or want to check on your application at any time, please email or call 303-442-4557.​


Thank you for the hospitality and making me feel like family always. It's a great feeling knowing a have a family away from home! Here's to a good summer!

- Ziggy Krug, staff alumni

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