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The importance of getting children safely outdoors and active with friends just keeps shining through more clearly. The Colorado Mountain Ranch proclaims the incredible value of the camp experience while holding tight to its philosophy, mission, and goals. Operations, programs, and schedules continue to adjust to keep your children safe again this summer in “their own place in the mountains.”



The importance of getting children safely outdoors and active with friends just keeps shining through more clearly. The Colorado Mountain Ranch proclaims the incredible value of the camp experience while holding tight to its philosophy, mission, and goals. Operations, programs, and schedules continue to adjust to keep your children safe again this summer in “their own place in the mountains.”


The Camp Experience

Studies show that connections to both the natural world and other people in a positive community are essential to build a healthy emotional and physical foundation in development. Beyond simply facilitating activities, our overall camp experience helps young people develop their sense of compassion and define meaning in their lives.  



The Colorado Mountain Ranch believes in the simplicity of getting kids outdoors and having fun, surrounded by nature and supported by the camp community. We never underestimate the power that fun, laughter, and joy can bring to a child’s world.


Campers participate in the whole array of camp activities. Each week Explorers have an  introduction, and a chance to participate and practice in all the activities.  Focus Campers spend three half days each week in their Focus area of activities and also choose as a group from all the other activities.  Activity times are 1 hour and 10 minutes, combining for Focus Campers to make at least 2 hours and 20 minutes which allows for in-depth experiences.  Camper groups rotate outdoor lunch spots. There is an outdoor play time after lunch.


Activities are spread out around Main Camp and separated by a 1–5 minute walk on trails through meadows and trees.  Equipment is regularly checked for safety, sanitized between groups, and supply inventories are continually restocked.


Each activity has its own specialized instructor or team of instructors who present safe, supervised and progressive instruction in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Instruction and practice are individualized and geared toward the experience and skill level of each child within a group.


Parents who went to camp as children may recognize the Colorado Mountain Ranch as a traditional summer camp community, with the same spirit and many of the same activities they remember. Camp carries on the tradition of outdoor adventure!


To support youth to develop a positive foundation in self and community.



The Colorado Mountain Ranch strives to provide opportunities for children:

  • To gain understanding and build relationships with self, others, nature, and community.

  • To build skills physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually through quality connections with people, place, and programs.


Groups are arranged in advance by grade levels for Explorers and by interests for focus Campers. [Delete sentence here]  When indicated on the registration form, old friends in the same Camp Program are placed together.


Each group has its own experienced adult counselor who has a "kid-friendly" personality and is familiar with age-specific guidance and group dynamics.  The group counselor works closely with group dynamics and each child individually, guiding, supervising, participating and assisting the activity instructors.


Camper groups of 8-12 will ride on their bus with up to three groups close in grade level, forming a BUS GROUP, identified by the name and color of their bus.

The People

Family owned and operated since 1947


Mike, Lynn, and Gail, the owners and administrators of The Colorado Mountain Ranch, are lifetime youth workers and educators. Jojo, Kate, Josie, and Rosie Walker continue as the third-generation work team at the Ranch.


During the summer season all staff members live full-time at the Ranch, forming the heart of our camp's family feel. Counselors are selected on the basis of personality, experience and ability to guide children toward their full potential, with many staff members returning to The Ranch year after year. Our hiring process includes thorough interviewing and reference checking to assess each candidate's ability to care for children. We also conduct thorough background checks according to Colorado Child Care Licensing requirements. 



Before summer camp begins, staff members participate in a weeklong orientation covering Colorado Mountain Ranch policies and procedures, child abuse laws, skill training, discipline, and child development. In-service trainings and sharing sessions continue weekly throughout the summer.



We enforce a minimum 1:6 staff-to-child ratio to provide each child with a high level of individual attention. 



Group counselors are always with their groups, providing constant guidance and encouragement. Groups are organized by school grade levels, with usually 2-3 grade levels in a group. Friends can choose to be grouped together, and those not already paired with old friends are in different groups together. This makes it easier for kids to find new friends. 



Each activity is overseen by specialized instructors who present a progressive curriculum for the week. Instructors and group counselors work together to offer supervision that balances safety, confidence building, and FUN! 


The Place

Our beautiful home base in the mountains gives children a comfortable sense of belonging and a place to call their own.

CMR Programs

The Colorado Mountain Ranch offers one of the most extensive day camp programs available anywhere, designed for your child’s grade level.



Activity sampler including introductions and practice time in all camp activities such as archery, yoga and horseback riding.

FOCUS PROGRAMS | Grades 7-11

The Focus Campers spend three half-days per week in activities that are geared toward their chosen focus program. Below our the Focus Program options.

Mountaineers; Focus on Outdoor Living Skills, Out-of-camp Excursions, and choices of favorite activities.

Western Riders; Plenty of horse time, western riding, and choices of favorite activities.

Gymnasts; Polish form on the mats, beams, trampolines, and Yoga at the Harmony Hut, and choose other favorite activities. 

Mountainboarders; Shred the gnar on the Mountainboarding Course Terrain Park, practice aim in the disc golf course, and choose other favorite activities.

Artists; Hone talents in Arts & Crafts mediums of choice, Drama, Global Indigenous Crafts, and choose other favorite activities. 

TEEN LEADERS | Grades 9-12

The objectives of the Teen Leader programs are for each teenager to gain personal competence, confidence, resilience, plus a sense of responsibility and motivation to solve problems in today's world.

Counselors-in-Training (CIT); A teen leadership mentoring program where teens get to know each other and learn to assist an activity instructor or a senior staff counselor with younger groups of campers.

Wranglers-in-Training (WIT); A teen internship program where young leaders learn and practice all aspects of working with and riding Western horses.


The Colorado Mountain Ranch programs are licensed by the Colorado State Department of Human Services. For suspected child abuse/neglect, please call 1-800-CO-4kids (1-800 264-5437).

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Thank you so much for giving my girls the opportunity of a lifetime. They had a fantastic time and will cherish all of the wonderful memories. Thank you for letting us join your family.

– Sarah, Mom of campers Shelby and Lexis

I can’t tell you how much the boys loved camp. If I could have dreamed of a fantasy summer camp for my kids I could never have dreamed anything so loving and fun as the camp you have created. You and your staff are very, very special. This summer has been pivotal for my boys. They relaxed, they were loved, and most of all, they gained confidence in themselves.

- SB, Parent

My son spent 2 weeks at your camp this summer. He loved every moment of it. As a parent it was amazing to see how happy he was each day coming off the bus. Thank you for providing such a special environment and memories for our children.

- Amy Carpenter, Parent

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