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IMPORTANT: If your child is registered and the Health Protocols are revised during the summer, we will notify you by email. 

Health Frequently Asked Questions

How is exposure to sickness generally avoided at Camp?


  • Almost all Camp activities are outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. 

  • Windows are open to support good airflow on buses and when campers are inside due to inclement weather. Please have your child bring warm outer layers every day.

  • We provide time for hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds many times throughout the day, including before and after meals and using the toilet.

  • Hand sanitizer is also conveniently provided throughout the Ranch. 

Is masking generally required at Camp or on the buses? 


Is masking at Camp ever required?

Yes, if your child is recovering from sickness, has had no fever for 24 hours, AND symptoms are improving.  Masking is also appropriate at Camp if the child has been exposed to a communicable disease.

How often should I check my child for wellness?

Every morning! Parents need to assess the well-being of their child every morning before leaving home for Camp each day.


Is there a health check report?

You and your child will be asked, “How are you feeling today?” by CMR staff at Bus Check-in daily. 

What if my child has a fever?

If a forehead thermometer reads 100.4 degrees F. or higher, you MUST keep your child at home. Return to camp only after at least 24 hours fever-free and symptoms are improving.

What if my child has symptoms?

If there are any symptoms of viral or bacterial infection - cough, sneezing, runny nose, headache, upset stomach, low energy, or if you have any questions or concerns, keep your child at home. Your child may wear a mask and return after they have been fever-free for 24 hours and symptoms are improving.

What happens if a camper gets sick at Camp?

If a camper has the onset of symptoms of sickness while at Camp, we will call you immediately so that you can pick them up at the Ranch as quickly as possible. We will care for your child and keep them in isolation until you arrive.

What if my child’s COVID test result is Positive or has a fever and symptoms of any other viral or bacterial infection?

If your child tests positive for COVID or has a fever or symptoms of a viral or bacterial infection, they need to isolate at home. Please report this to the Camp Office.  They may return to Camp when they have been fever-free for 24 hours and symptoms are improving. They need to wear a mask at all times at camp until symptom-free.

What if my child has been exposed to COVID or any other viral infection?

Assess your child’s energy level, considering the physical and mental demands of a Camp day.  If you decide that your child is well enough to attend Camp, please have them wear a mask on the bus and instruct them to wear it always.

​When is masking required?  

Have your camper wear a mask if appropriate for their situation: from the onset of fever and/or symptoms of any viral infection and after exposure even without symptoms. Please remind your child to allow others to comfortably wear a mask, too.

Will there be social distancing?

Social distancing of 6’ between individuals is encouraged whenever and wherever possible.

What about lunchtime?  

Individual groups eat lunch outdoors at separate lunch spots distanced from other groups and from each other as much as possible. Campers may not share food items.

What are the Bus Protocols for minimizing exposure to disease?  

  • Group Cohorts. As much as possible, 10-12 campers and their counselors remain consistent as a group cohort with their own cluster of bus seats for the week.  

  • Bus Pods. There are 3-4 camper groups close in grade level per bus, making consistent bus pods each week. 

  • Reserved Seats. Each camper has their own reserved bus seat or an authorized-shared reserved seat. Campers who share seats need to be in the same program and group.

  • Cubbies for Personal Belongings. Bus seats also serve as cubbies for your camper’s and their seat-mate’s things separate from others. Buses are centrally parked and accessible throughout the day.

  • Bus Sanitation. Bus seating areas and rails are sanitized daily.

Do the buses ever get hot inside?  

On warmer afternoons, please try to pick up your camper promptly to avoid having them wait on a parked bus in the sun.

Are there COVID vaccination requirements for campers?

No, yet you are asked for COVID vaccination status on your child’s registration form. The Colorado State Child Care Licensing requires that a Colorado Certificate of Immunization form be on file for all campers. This form indicates all of the camper’s vaccinations, including for COVID. A Colorado Exemption form is satisfactory.

​What happens if a staff member gets sick? 

If a staff member has symptoms of sickness, they will be isolated and cared for.  They may return to Camp activity when they have been fever-free for 24 hours and symptoms are improving. They will need to wear a mask at all times at camp until symptom-free

Important! Everyone NEEDS a warm jacket every day, no matter how hot it is in Boulder!


Thank you so much for providing M with 'the best summer of his life'. You and your team have provided M with so many important qualities and lessons in a very fun environment.

- SK, Parent

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