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1. What are you up to in your life right now?
2. What is your favorite part of Nature?
3. Who did you look up to when you were a kid?
4. What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
5. What is the nerdiest thing you do?


Andrew Kopel

1. I just finished my first year of teaching fourth grade in the Jeffco school district. It was the best year ever, and I can't wait to continue the journey of educating young curious minds!

2. Trees because they can look really cool and they symbolize a lot of things like growth and survival and dirt because it’s fun

3. My older sisters. They’re pretty awesome and have always been very ambitious and driven.

4. From my sister: Don’t create expectations for an experience you’re about to have. Instead, do all the prep work you can leading up to in and let the experience wash over you and be what it’s going to be.

5. Harry Potter trivia with my family

Liv Wilburn.JPG

Liv Wilburn

1. I finished my undergrad degree last year with a bachelor's in physics and minor in mathematics. This year I took a few grad classes while finishing my eligibility as an NCAA athelete and captain of the women's ice hockey team in New York. Next year, I'll be attending CU Boulder as a graduate student for Mechanical Engineering! I hope to help coach the gir;s hockey team there to stay involved in the sport.

2. The calmness and beauty of it. Nothing really compares.

3. My mom.

4. Make it count. Life is short and you never truly know what the future holds. Don't spend time waiting to do things you love.

5. I enjoy reading.

Ella Payne.JPG

Ella Payne

1. I just finished my first year at Denison University! I am also spending my time around horses, painting, writing, and biking around Ohio.

2. My favorite part of Nature is that I can always trust it, if that makes sense. Nature is honest.

3. I looked up to a lot of people, but mostly my parents. They are both pretty cool for their own distinct reasons. I also looked up to horses and the way they relate to each other, because I think there is a lot to learn from that.

4. Always do the right thing, even if it's the hardest thing (and it usually is the hardest thing.)

5. I like to just sit in a pasture and watch horses for hours.

Robi Robichaud.jpeg

Robi Robichaud

1. I've been spending time helping out people I meet on the road and painting wherever I go! Cooking and giving out free vegan food with a traveling kitchen and making music in between. I've also been spending quality time with my family and friends and immersing in Nature and meditation.

2. Rivers, the sounds they make and the life they provide!

3. My camp counselors.

4. Listen

5. My all time favorite costume is Robi Wan Kenobi, perfect for Star Wars/Harry Potter day at camp. May the force be with you.

Sam Klarner.jpeg

Sam Klarner

1. This summer I will have finished my fourth year at CU Boulder. I am studying to be a high school math teacher and am looking forward to student teaching in the fall.

2. My favorite part of Nature is how it can provide all of the necessities of life.

3. When I was a kid, I always looked up to my teavhers. Some have supported me in ways that I can not express enough gratitude for.

4. The best advice I have ever gotten is to try to learn from my mistakes, and to make peace with my past.

5. I really like taking care of plants. I don't know all of the scientific names, but I give some of my plants names, and come up with biographies for them. I really like giving plants and cuttings to other people. Some day, I want to have a big garden and I plan on filling my classroom with plants.

Cassidy Gillard.jpg

Cassidy Gillard

1. I recently graduated from MSU Denver with a degree in special education. When I am not at camp, I work with children who receive intensive behavioral support. I love snowboarding and hanging out with my dog, Mojito. 2. My favorite part of Nature is the silhouettes. Also, I love dirt.

3. I have always looked up to my sisters, and I had many teachers whom I idolized (and still do!).

4. The best advice I've ever gotten was from my cousin John Gillard, "Take responsibility for the choices you make, and live that way with joy."

5. I read Winnie the Pooh original stories over and over again.

Shea Himmel.JPG

Shea Himmel

1. I just finished my freshman year at the University of Colorado, Boulder! I am a History and English double major, and I love CU!

2. I love how much there is to do when you are in Nature! There are so many opportunities to learn more about where you live and what's around you in the world through Nature.

3. I looked up to my parents. They have always been there to encourage me to be adventurous. They are the reason I am so confident that working at this camp is going to be such a good experience.

4. Travel as much as you can! I think that this is the most important thing my parents have instilled in me. Traveling and experiencing different cultures, communities, and adventures is how you figure out where you want to go and what you want to do.

5. I am a Harry Potter enthusiast. They are my favorite books and I read them all at least once a year!

Ray Sloan.jpeg

Ray Sloan

1. I have been working as a mental health worker in a residential treatment center for youth in Denver. It was challenging, and rewarding all at the same time.

2. I really like running water and just being around it and listening to it. It is very meditative.

3. My Grandma on my Mom’s side because she was a watercolor artist for her whole life. She dedicated her whole life to art and being happy and I really looked up to that.

4. I’m human and I make mistakes.

5. I really like Jazz music and I play string bass

Jonny Walls.JPG

Jonny Walls

1. I am currently finishing up my freshman year at CU Boulder where I am studying economics and political science in hopes of going to law school!

2. I love how healthy and refreshed Nature makes me feel. I have always felt that an average day outside is still way better than a great day inside!

3. I always looked up to my mom. She was always there for me growing up and taught me what being a great person and friend looks like. The positive attitude I have towards life is greatly influenced by growing up with her as my role model.

4. The best advice I have ever received is that "it is never to late to start something new." I'm a big fan of trying new things and learning new skills, and I look to continue that this summer!

5. I'd say the nerdiest thing I do is writing a to-do list every morning when I wake up. It might be nerdy, but it's also super helpful!

Paige Bailey.PNG

Paige Bailey

1. I am currently a student at Ohio State University, working towards a bachelor's degree in political science. Going into my third year in the fall, I am about to start studying for the LSAT and really looking into law schools. I am also a part time employee at a local coffee and milkshake shop, which I adore. When I do have free time, I love to hammock on campus and spend time with my friends.

2. My favorite part of Nature is the mountains and the wildlife that comes with them. I absolutely love hiking and admiring an environment that took millions of years to form.

3. I looked up to my great grandma and grandpa Joey, and my great grandma and grandpa Knitz. I loved visiting them, as they had the most warm and welcoming houses. They would always bring my favorite foods to family gatherings and even though they were all stubborn in their own way, they were some of the nicest people I have ever known.

4. Do what makes you happy. Follow your dreams, not the plans that other people made for you.

5. I went to three Harry Styles concerts in the last year and cannot wait until I have the chance to go to another one. I love his music and how he expresses himself and I somehow can bring him up in every conversation I have.

Piper St. Clair-Goodman.jpg

Piper St. Clair-Goodman

1. I will be starting my third year of college at CU Boulder in the fall. I will be majoring in journalism and graduating in 2024. Some of the things I enjoy are photography, music, reading, being a good friend, fashion, riding horses, working with kids, and trying my best to wake up each day with a positive attitude.

2. My favorte part of Nature is the immense color.

3. When I was a kid I wanted to be just like Alex Russo from the Dinsey show Wizards of Waverly Place. While Alex wasn't amazing at math, she was a good person in the moments that mattered and I looked up to her because of that. (I might also still watch the show, but c'mon, who doesn't like Disney!?)

4. The best advice I have gotten is that being comfortable and confident in your own skin is critical to understanding who you are or who you want to become.

5. The nerdiest thing I do is plan out ideas for books. I'm probably never going to write them but I have a whole bunch of random book titles and ideas all written down in this little notebook, just in case some rainy day I get really bored and decide I want to be the next S.E. Hinton.


Britt Starks

1. I just finished my first year teaching 6th and 7th graders on Mercer Island in Seattle, and coaching an excellent team of volleyball stars.

2. My favorite part of Nature is its resilience. It disregards everything that is thrown at it and just continues to survive. I feel like people can learn a lot from the way Nature handles its problems.

3. My Aunt because she is the most gracious and giving person that I’ve ever met in my life and is constantly trying to make everyone else around her feel safe and comfortable and loved and that is something I aspire to do as I get older.

4. My High school Physics teacher had a long list of advice that he always gave us and the best one was Don’t settle. I’m still trying to keep this in mind as I go through life.

5. Sometimes I think about how maybe Rocks have feelings. When I was a child I would get so upset when I would kick rocks because I was worried that they would get hurt.

Caden Frauendienst.jpg

Caden Frauendienst

1. I've been living life day by day enjoying every moment.

2. I love everything about Nature. Something about it jut makes me feel connected to the Earth.

3. My mom.

4. An arrow has to be pulled back before it can fly ahead.

5. I collect rocks, specifically Lake Superior agates.

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 4.37.13 PM.png

Brandon Hansen

1. I just moved back to Boulder from Hawaii, and had my first true winter experience in a long time. I am excited to explore the next steps of wherever my life takes me!

2. I love how pure nature is, even when it is imperfect, it is still exactly as it should be.

3. Mike Walker.

4. Have fun and work hard

5. I’m super into Marvel comics, specifically Spiderman.

Evan Smith.jpeg

Evan Smith

1. I just finished my junior year at Texas A&M, and I am so excited to be going into my third summer at CMR.

2. Being on top of a mountain and seeing the entire world below.

3. As a kid, I always looked up to my uncle, as he set a great example of how to be fun and humble.

4. Try Everything.

5. I love playing board games.


Cherylyn Wood

1. I have been working on making a lovely bird oasis in my backyard in Wichita, Kansas.

2. All of the animals that you get to see when you are outdoors

3. My older sisters

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

5. Bird watching

Ben Ryan.png

Ben Ryan

1. I am currently in college at CU Boulder.

2. My favorite part of Nature is its diversity.

3. When I was young I looked up to Barack Obama

4. Just be happy!

5. I do a Gollum impression!

Bailey Underhill.jpeg

Bailey Underhill

1. I love to dance and I never want to stop so hopefully I can make a living with it.

2. Sun Showers

3. Hellen Keller because if she can life a full life without three of the five senses I can with a little dyslexia.

4. There's no wrong way to dance in your bedroom.

5. I enjoy anime.

Andrew Tripp.png

Andrew Tripp

1. I have been working towards my radiology technician certification and I am about to enter the program this Fall.

2. I love to garden. Growing up I took a passion for it because of my neighbor and last summer I grew a vegetable garden.

3. My grandpa because he was always so wise and growing up I wanted to be like him.

4. Give everything your all because you don't know when you might succeed.

5. I like building LEGOs.

Kirk Furey.jpeg

Kirk Furey

1. I just moved to Boulder last Fall after spending two previous summers at CMR and am loving it! I currently work as a campus safety officer at Fairview High School here in Boulder. In my free time I like to go bike riding, and am currently trying to learn beekeeping and setting up a hive in my backyard.

2. Observing the ecosystem, I am amazed at the complexity of it all. the animals, insects, birds, even the trees and plants. When going on hikes, I often like to just stop and observe anything that normally gets passed by. I like to think about how long it's been there, why it looks the way it does, and just appreciate the role that it plays and how every single thing is its own little world.

3. My grandmother. She was a fabulous cook and loved throwing huge parties. As a kid I could usually be found in the kitchen watching her prepare dinner and volunteering to help where I could. I still have and use many of her recipe cards to this day.

4. One of my favorite quotes that I've found especially true is from Dale Carnegie: "You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to make other people interested in you."

5. I love old and obsolete technology. Last year I spend much of my free time tinkering with a 1983 IBM computer and a 1960's stereo receiver, both of which are still working perfectly! I also have an old Nintendo Entertainment System (best played on a cathode ray tube television, with woodgrain siding of course) and have been amassing a huge collection of cassette tapes, videotapes, and vinyl records. I have recently spend a great chunk of my time watching YouTube videos about wristwatches and the history of watchmaking.

Hannah Watts.jpeg

Hannah Watts

1. I'm currently working on an animation degree! Graphic design is one of my favorite mediums, and I love the poetic nature of animations. To support myself through college I've been working at Olive Garden as a server. It gives me great people skills, as hopefully one day I can be a freelance artist.

2. I love the ground, especially when it's soft and familiar.

3. Honestly, I looked up to Indiana Jones. I probably watched the movies 1000 times, and I was always singing the theme song in my head or out loud.

4. Treat everything with love and kindness

5. I avidly work on a cartoon with my brother, making scripts, animating intros, creating characters. Very nerdy, very fun, and hopefully someday it can pay off somehow.

Katie Barnes.png

Katie Barnes

1. I am currently finishing my junior year at SUNY Potsdam. I am getting a degree in Secondary Math Education. In my free time I love to go outside, hang with my friends, and watch movies.

2. My favorite part about Nature is the ability to explore. There is so much out in the world and going out and being curious is both exciting but also grounding.

3. I looked up to my grandma. She is a strong-willed, independent woman who speaks her mind.

4. To surround yourself with people who will make you better.

5. Technical Theatre.

Shafer Ella Shafer.png

Ella "Shafer" Shafer

1. Before camp starts, I will just be finishing my freshman year at CU Boulder as a Media Communications major and a Spanish minor. After finishing camp this summer, I will be spending three months backpacking across South America, staying with local families and volunteering along the way before returning as a student in the Spring.

2. My favorite part of Nature is water. I have always felt very connected to water, and stumbling upon a body of water on a hike is the best time to cool down and take a moment to connect.

3. Anthony Bourdain was a huge icon for my entire family when I was a child. 4

. "Happiness is only real when shared." - Christopher McCandless

5. The nerdiest thing I do is probably improv. It's impossible to take yourself seriously when you are potenitally subjecting yourself to an entire crowd not finding your joke funny.

Aidan Whitehall.png

Aidan Whitehall

1. I will be coming out of high school and in the fall I will be attending Tallahassee Community College.

2. My favorite part of Nature is being able to watch the motion of the trees or ocean on a nice clear sunny day, and sometimes be lucky enough to see some wildlife.

3. I have always looked up to both of my grandfathers.

4. "Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way." - Alan Watts

5. The nerdiest thing that I do is play video games with my friends.

Natalie Ryan.png

Natalie Ryan

1. I'm currently a student at CU Boulder. I study political science and philosophy and will be graduating next Spring! Outside of that I work part-time, read, listen to music/podcasts, go hiking/adventuring outdoors, and spend time with my family.

2. My favorite part of Nature is the wildlife.

3. My big bro Ben!

4. "Put on sunscreen." - My Mom

5. I love fantasy and sci-fi books and will always have a book with me wherever I go.

Amelia Haddad.jpg

Amelia Haddad

1. I am currently working towards my Masters of Arts in Counseling at Regis University in Thornton, CO. When I'm not at camp, I live in Fort Collins, CO and commute to night classes. I am also the assistant coach for the Colorado State University Polo team and help teach beginner players how to play polo.

2. My favorite part of nature is the peace that I feel when I'm there. I feel a deep sense of interconnectedness, silence and contentedness when I am out in Nature that I don't feel anywhere else. It is beautiful and giving, and allows me to feel closest to myself and others.

3. I think I most looked up to my father when I was a kid. He has always been my adventure buddy and someone who loved showing me cool animals and plants that he found. I looked up to his ability to work so hard while still maintaining his sense of curiosity and wonder for the world.

4. I think the best advice I've gotten, while it might be a bit cliché, is that "This too shall pass." Often, the situation at hand can feel so consuming that it is difficult to imagine a time when it will not feel that way. Every difficult time that I have gone through has passed and I often find myself better off after it. Life is not meant to be free of struggle, but if you can learn how to find meaning in difficult times and move through them, life becomes richer and more full.

5. While I like to think of it more as a passion, the nerdiest thing I do is collect plants. My first degree was in soil and crop science, and while I didn't end up pursuing that long-term, the love for plants will never leave me. Ask me all about your house plants!

Olivia Vizethan.jpg

Olivia Vizethann

1. I am a writing and oceanography major at UNCW, hoping to one day write for National Geographic! Though I am pursuing my degree, I want to experience as much as possible before work and internships, and Colorado Mountain Ranch was a perfect fit.

2. I grew up in the mountains of New York which sparked my love for hiking and hunting and forever chasing the tallest peak, no matter where I am in the world.

3. When I was younger, I looked up to my friend Jamie, and I still do. Having grown up the youngest of 3, I always wanted to keep up with my older brothers. Jamine, who is a few years older than me, showed me how to be myself, to be confident in who I am, my strength, athleticism, grace, and how to surround myself with my equals. In learning that about myself, I learned how to keep up with the nig kids, while not changing who I am just to fit in, and that is something.I gratefully carry with me every day.

4. Some of the best advice I've ever received at this point in my life is, "It is just as important to learn what you don't like, as ,much as what you do like." my mom said this to me and thought it seemed strange in that moment, it has proven to be true time and time again.

5. My list of nerdy attributes is extensive to say the least, but one of the strangest is that I would live and die for the How to Train your Dragon soundtrack. Given the chance, I will explain the whole musical dynamic of each song, so ask at your own risk!

Morgan Peak.png

Morgan Peak

1. I just finished up my freshman year at Iowa State University and am working towards an Agriculture Education degree! I love all of the opportunities and culture that agriculture has to offer, and I just want to help children learn about the bountiful industry.

2. The vast, ever-changing sky. I love how you can look at the sky and never see the same picture twice, and how wide it can be.

3. I looked and still look up to my amazing mother. She is a very strong, independent, confident, and loving parent. She is one of the major reasons I am who I am today.

4. You can't solve problems with the thinking that made them.

5. I am OBSESSED with the "Mamma Mia!" movie. I will never get tired of watching it and I easily know every line!

Emily Lodge.jpg

Emily Lodge

1. Right now I am a senior at Ball State University and will be graduating very shortly!

2. Nature is so profoundly beautiful that I cannot begin to explain the depths of why I love it! One thing, though, is that I love helping show people the beauty and experience Nature provides.

3. First and foremost, I will always be a kid at heart. With that, I look up to my father. He has been the biggest supporter, guiding me in fatherly wisdom, and loving me unconditionally. I couldn't be more thankful and hope to be able to model what he has taught me in the future.

4. Try to remember their last words. This advice teaches me about focusing and being intentional with people.

5. I love maps for fun. When I get bored, I can spend hours on Google Earth.

Emily _Brunette_ Brunette.png

Emily "Brunette" Brunette

1. This past year I finished my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire studying CSD! While being at school, I've enjoyed my time making new friends, playing rugby, and working in our recreation center on campus.

2. My favorite thing about Nature is the endless opportunity for adventure.

3. Growing up I really looked up to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

4. The best advice I've ever received was "Treat others how you would like to be treated."

5. One of the nerdiest things I do is learn ALL the words to musicals so I can then show off my skills to my friends!

Lily Karp.JPG

Lily Karp

1. I was going to CU but decided to take the Spring semester off. I have been traveling, working on a farm, practicing yoga, and making a lot of art. I hope to transfer and study Art Therapy.

2. Trees. For me, they represent a pure connection to ourselves and the world around us.

3. Not really anyone until I met my high school ceramics teacher, who introduced me to art and showed me I can live a life doing something I love.

4. Take a breath for your body, a breath for your mind, and a breath for your soul.

5. I write short stories and poems about an alien named Beep Bop.

Mary Hoffman.jpeg

Mary Hoffman

1. I am currently living and working in Minnesota. I'm working on future plans to work in the horse industry. I believe being a wrangler at the Colorado mountain Ranch is a great way to start my future and also do what I love!

2. My favorite part of Nature is feeling the sun and breeze on my skin. It makes me feel free and connected to the ground I live on.

3. As a young girl, I looked up to Stacy Westfall. She amazed me with her skills to ride bareback and bridleless, which is something I worked many summers to achieve with my own horse, Tony.

4. The best advice I have ever gotten is, everything happens for a reason. you may not see the good in the bad at first but things always work out!

5. The nerdiest thing I do is probably when I narrate what I believe my dogs or horses are saying. It makes me happy and also allows me to communicate to myself or others the needs or emotions that my companions are saying.

Kendall Keegan.jpeg

Kendall Keegan

1. I just finished high school and am joining KU in the fall to complete my double majors in Global and International Studies and Spanish. I hope to soon complete law school so I can become a Guardian ad Litem. Some of my favorite things to do are gardening, and spending time outside.

2. I think my favorite part of Nature is it's beauty. I love to sit, look, and listen so I can fully take in how awe inspiring it can be.

3. When I was a kid I definitely looked up to my mom. She has been super influential in my life and has always been a strong person that everyone can count on.

4. I think the best advice I have ever gotten was to keep my commitments and put my best into everything.

5. Probably one of the nerdiest things that I do is I know a bunch of information on niche things. I'll end up going down an internet rabbit hole and be super educated on things like Marvel lore o the Bermuda Triangle.

Seth Lampton.jpg

Seth Lampton

1. For the majority of the last year I've been bouncing around Colorado, exploring and being a part of great outdoor communities like this one.

2. My favorite part of Nature is how it can help us to appreciate the small and wholesome things in life, and let us grown more as people. 3. A person I look up to is my step-dad. He is the most driven and hard working person I know, and never settles for less.

4. "What's done is done. There's no point in dwelling on the past when you have so much ahead of you."

5. The nerdiest thing I do has to be re-watching any episode of Star Wars for the hundredth time at 3:00 AM.

Zoe Koch.jpeg

Zoe Koch

1. I've been working at Panera Bread as a team lead, throwing in track, and being a part of my school's marketing club and strength and conditioning club. This fall I plan to go to University of Kansas to study marketing or visual design communications. I also plan to join KU's powerlifting team and their ceramics club.

2. My favorite part about Nature are plants because they provide for us just by living.

3. I looked up to my teachers when I was a kid and I still do.

4. The best advice I've gotten is to ask for forgiveness not permission. 5. The nerdiest thing I do is watch Bob Ross.

Sarah McQueary.png

Sarah McQueary

1. I recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in zoology and have been enjoying post-grad life traveling when possible and working as a kindergarten teacher.

2. My favorite part of Nature is the potential in spotting wildlife! And of course admiring from afar.

3. As a child, I always looked up to my older sister- and I still do!

4. The best advice I've gotten was from my dad, who always tells me, "cooler heads will prevail." I also love the quote, "change your perspective and you change your world."

5. I love Harry Potter and plan on rereading the series this year! I've also been to (and won!) Harry Potter trivia with my family.

Carter Wisser.jpg

Carter Wisser

1. I recently graduated from Youngstown State University in Ohio with a degree in biology and a minor in environmental studies. I'm now doing what I really cherish, which is educating anybody who will listen about the necessity of a sustainable future and living in harmony with Nature. In addition to bringing people's attention to the environmental treasures that surround everyone.

2. My favorite part of nature is the diversity. In any given environment you will find hundreds of species living in complete harmony with each other. This inspires me to push for a better world where everyone gets along no matter their differences.

3. The only person that I can remember looking up to was Stefe Prefontaine. He was a distance runner for the Oregon Ducks. I looked up to him because through everything he pushed himself to be the best he could.

4. Don't stress about something that could happen. Live in the moment and appreciate every second you have being alive.

5. I'm a huge data buff. I could sit and read over data for hours. It all tells a story.

Marlowe Keena.png

Marlowe Keena

1. I'm a senior at CU Boulder, working towards a BA in Sociology with a minor in political science. Post graduation I will be attending flight school with plans to be a commercial pilot. I love being outside, preferably with my animals and good friends, and my ideal afternoon is spent in a mountain town hanging out and enjoying a good burger or BeauJo's mountain pie!

2. My favorite part of Nature is all of the little wonders you find when you're out in the middle of it. by that. I mean any little bird nests hiding up in the forks in trees, the little pools that form their own ecosystems next to fast flowing rivers, or the stubborn wildflowers that insist on growing in the cracks that have formed in rocks. Not many people notice them, but they're the best part!

3. As a child I found that I always looked up to my parents, as well as any strong women in my life who knew themselves and their worth.

4. My favorite piece of advice came from a woman named Carol-Anne, a riding instructor I met during my time with Westernaires. She made sure we all knew her best words of wisdom: "Always have the heart to get back in the saddle when you fall out of it, and never squat with your spurs on."

5. I'm definitely proud of my immense nerdiness, but my favorite nerd quality is knowing everything there is to know about Star Wars.


The work you do for the youth of Boulder County is amazing. Over 60 years, owned and operated by one family! Quite the accomplishment.”

DB – Parent and Alum

We are so grateful for your support and love of my son. He really thrives with you all. He comes home everyday from camp, with such happiness and content. It has been incredible to see how much he has grown in your community!

– Edica Pacha, parent, 2015

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