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1. What are you up to in your life right now?
2. What is your favorite part of Nature?
3. Who did you look up to when you were a kid?
4. What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
5. What is the nerdiest thing you do?


Athena Allen

1. I am currently a first year student at UC San Diego, majoring in human biology. 

2. My favorite part of nature is the trees! I love being surrounded by huge pine trees in the mountains and feeling minuscule compared to them. 

3. When I was a kid, I loved Harry Potter and always looked up to Hermione Granger, because she had so much intelligence and bravery. 

4. The best advice I've ever received is that you always miss 100% of the shots that you don't take. This has helped me so much as I've been stepping outside of my comfort zone with new experiences in college! 

5. The nerdiest thing I do is having a picture of my school's library as my phone background!

Jo James

1. Currently I am living in Honolulu, Hawaii! Two friends and I moved out here in September. I work as a preschool teacher and an after-school counselor through the YMCA. I will be returning home to Vermont in a few weeks, then road tripping with a friend back out to Colorado for pre-camp in May. I graduated from Champlain College in Burlington, VT in May 2019 with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I am hoping to find a teaching position in Colorado this fall. 

2. My favorite part of nature would have to be the clouds and the moon. I love looking at the clouds during the sunset and watching the colors change. I also love the moon’s calming presence in the sky. I feel safe whenever I look up at it. 

3. My teachers. I was fortunate enough to, mostly always, have cool, supportive, and compassionate teachers from elementary school to high school. They made me feel like I could do anything, even when I felt like I couldn’t. 

4. “When someone says you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t.” Either that or the simple but powerfully true advice of, “Follow your heart.” OR, “There are no cards [in life]; we’re all just here.” 

5. I talk to myself CONSTANTLY. I sing about everyday life (i.e. sing-talking so like, narrating things that I am doing through song). Play with silly putty and squishies. I really like cognitive skills puzzles and fidgets. The list could go on. 

Laurel Brodsky

1. As a former camper and CIT myself, I am excited to be sharing my love of the outdoors this summer at the Ranch. This fall, I will be moving to Washington D.C. to study International Affairs at the George Washington University.

2. Wildflowers are my absolute favorite part of nature. Each one is uniquely beautiful, and they never fail to put a smile on my face.

3. I have always looked up to my older brother. He has a great work ethic, he is incredibly sincere... and he is half a foot taller than me.

4. The best advice I have ever received is from one of my favorite books, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "Happiness doesn't lie in the objects we gather around us. To find it, all we need to do is open our eyes."

5. By far the nerdiest thing I do is listen to NPR. And all of their podcasts.

Piper St. Claire-Goodman

1. I will be starting my first year of college at CU Boulder in the fall. I will be majoring in economics and hope to pursue a masters degree in law after graduating in 2024. Some of the things I enjoy are photography, music, reading, being a good friend, fashion, riding horses, working with kids, and trying my best to wake up each day with a positive attitude. 

2. My favorite part of nature is the immense color. As a photographer, I love to see the natural beauty in things and having colorful scenery around me makes that beauty even easier to capture. 

3. When I was a kid I wanted to be just like Alex Russo from the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place. While Alex wasn’t amazing at math she was a good person in the moments that mattered and I looked up to her because of that. (I might also still watch the show, but c'mon who doesn’t like Disney?) 

4. The best advice I have gotten is that being comfortable and confident in your own skin is critical to understanding who you are or who you want to become. It all starts with accepting and loving yourself. Because if you can’t do that first how are you supposed to accept and love someone else? 

5. The nerdiest thing I do is plan out ideas for books. I’m probably never going to write them but I have a whole bunch of random book titles and ideas all written down in this little notebook, just in case some rainy day I get really bored and decide I want to be the next S.E. Hinton.

Baileya White

1. In August, I moved from my hometown, Tucson, AZ, to become a student at Regis University in Denver. I am currently studying Art, English and Music. I also work part time in the University’s English department and as a semi-professional artist. 

2. My favorite part of nature (although I adore the animals, plants and scenery) would have to be the peace and quiet. Getting away from the bustling city of Denver and just getting to relax in the great outdoors is the best way for me to destress.

3. I was and still am a total Daddy’s girl. My dad and I, to this day, continue to run, hike, kayak and explore together. He is a horticulturist and a bird and nature enthusiast. As a child, he had me trained to identify all the local birds and plants in the area and I still can today! He is humble, hardworking, caring and always there for me and I try to live by those characteristics now, in my own life.

4. The best advice I have ever gotten is to “just have fun with it.” Whether the situation is as simple as studying for a stressful test or as important as making a life altering decision (such as moving to a new state for college), going with the flow and being as positive as you can about the situation you are handed in life is the best way to tackle any scenario. Life will always present difficulties, and those who are happy to face the challenge get through it the easiest.

5. The nerdiest thing I do currently is probably play the clarinet. I have played since 5th grade and participated in marching band and several concert and symphonic bands. I now continue to play in my college’s concert band. 

Julia Smith

1. I'm currently studying at Adelphi University in New York! I'm taking general requirements in our Honors program as I am undeclared, but I'm interested in communications, creative writing, theater and maybe teaching! I'm actually from New Orleans and you'll hear me adapt my "y'all's" into a sort of New Yorker slang. :D I'm super excited for another change of environment in Colorado!

2. My favorite part of nature is the different sensations the outdoors and plants bring to me. In cities, nature feels like it's taking back its own land when trees and vines grow and hang over cement buildings or roads. Seeing this process of nature makes me smile because it's a constant reminder to remember the land from special memories of exploring or playing outside. 

3. When I was younger I looked up to my grandpa. I loved to sit on the carpet near his recliner chair and just listen to the many stories of his life. I looked up to him because he was the father figure in my life and I could learn more about my ethnic identity through him. He seemed to know all the answers to my questions and would watch ICarly and laugh with me. 

4. The best advice I have ever received is from my older cousin, Jesse. When applying for college, he was one of the few members of my family who understood and encouraged me to study away from home from the very beginning. His advice to broaden my horizons and come home when needed gives me comfort when I am home-sick. I try to write letters to friends and family as much as possible to lessen that pain. It's hard when he's off traveling too!

5. I believe the nerdiest thing I do is only wear cat-eye glasses. I love cats and I want to be one, so I only buy and wear, cat-eye glasses! I've gone to a cat cafe before and would go every day of my life if I could.

Marissa Sisk

1. As of this moment, I am about to transfer to a four-year university for my bachelor's in Media Studies. With this degree, my dream job would be working at the Ocean Conservancy or the San Diego Zoo. I would love to be surrounded by animals all day, and of course, humans too. I am also working right now as a middle school tutor so I am constantly attending field trips to fun locations like the beach and wildlife safari park. For fun, I love to go to the movies and swim at the beach as often as I can. After all, with year round wonderful weather, it is never a bad day to go to the beach in Southern California.

2. I love animals! Therefore, my favorite part of nature consists of all of those little creatures that it is made up of. I could spend hours watching reptiles climb everywhere, studying the way that they eat and behave is so interesting to me. I also love swimming and the opportunity to let go of the internet and social media.

3. When I was a kid, I always looked up to superheroes. I was 8 years old when the first big Marvel movie came out- Iron Man. Iron Man changed my life and so did every other Marvel movie following that. In every movie, I learned that it is okay to be the outsider, the underdog, as long as you have strong morals. Life isn't always as easy as “good vs evil” but Iron Man taught me to fight for what's right without asking for anything in return.

4. The best advice that I have ever received is to “Live every day like it's your last”. My Dad used to tell me that growing up and it always stuck with me. Sometimes when I'm bored or tired, I have to remind myself that I can not give up. Always live every day like there's no tomorrow!

5. When I was younger, the nerdiest thing I did was spend hours on Minecraft. Now that I am older, I still love to play Minecraft! However, now I spend my time with my animals. I am the dork that created a whole social media account just for my animals alone. When I am not feeding crickets to my chameleon or fruit flies to my scorpion, I am constantly taking pictures of them. No, my fat frog is not the prettiest amphibian in the world, but she is to me!

Cassidy Gillard

1. Currently, I am a full time student at Metropolitan State University of Denver, where I am working towards getting my bachelor’s degree in Special Education. I also work full time as a paraeducator in an autism program in BVSD. I spend most of my free time snowboarding and working at the Ranch. 

2. My favorite part of Nature is the silhouettes. Every mountainscape on the horizon and tree silhouette is mirrored perfectly by the sky, and I feel the most calm when I can just sit and trace over the ridge of a mountain or around the branches of a tree with my eyes. Also, I love dirt. 

3. When I was younger I looked up to my sisters and relied on them for basically everything, and I had many teachers whom I idolized (and still do!). I definitely wouldn’t have become the person I am without them. 

4. The best advice I’ve ever gotten was “Take responsibility for the choices you make, and live that way with joy.” My cousin John Gillard said that to me, standing in my aunt’s living room, and that moment constantly rings through my mind and my memory. 

5. I think the nerdiest thing I do is collect and read children’s books. There is a copy of the original Winnie-the-Pooh that stays next to my bed, and when I can’t sleep or just need a good laugh I’ll read a few stories and disappear into the Hundred Acre Wood for a while.

Landry Tex Phillips

1. I work full time at Thundercloud Subs, and I’m looking at getting my own apartment soon.

2. My favorite part of nature is the vibrant colors in a field of flowers.

3. My main role model growing up was Tim McGraw, more specifically the song "Humble and Kind."

4. The best advice I've gotten, this is a hard one. It wasn't necessarily advice as much as a comment I heard in passing. "The greatest act of charity is to love others without expecting any in return."

5. The nerdiest thing I do is, without a singular doubt, deeply enjoy Dungeons & Dragons.

Piper Larson

1. I am an Animal Ecology/Wildlife major at Iowa State University in Ames, IA. 

2. My favorite part of nature is the solitude you find when you’re alone in the woods just absorbing any and all sounds around you. From the wind in the trees to the chirp of a little bird. I also love that nature can bring people from all backgrounds together and unite them with one common love. 

3. When I was a kid I always looked up to my older sister. She was kind and involved and loved to be active in the community and school. She was always very passionate and driven in all her goals but she also knew how to be wild at heart. She loves nature just as much as I do and I love that we can enjoy it together. 

4. The best advice I’ve ever gotten came from a stranger on a trail in Wyoming. They were referring to the weather when they told me, “Enjoy it and revel in it because soon it will be gone.” I took that to heart and try to incorporate it in my everyday life. 

5. The nerdiest thing about me is my knowledge for unnecessary things. Like different breeds of animals (cows, horses, dogs). 


The work you do for the youth of Boulder County is amazing. Over 60 years, owned and operated by one family! Quite the accomplishment.”

DB – Parent and Alum

We are so grateful for your support and love of my son. He really thrives with you all. He comes home everyday from camp, with such happiness and content. It has been incredible to see how much he has grown in your community!

– Edica Pacha, parent, 2015

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