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Camp Will Be Different in 2021

Welcome to 2021! After 2020, with Camp unable to happen at all last year, we are very excited to be able to get young people back outdoors in a way that is as safe as possible and meets pandemic health guidelines. It’s been a long year, and it’s time for Camp again!

This year is different. How often have we thought this over the past year? It’s important for your camper to know that Camp will be different this year too.

Changes. There will be a lot of changes this summer at the Colorado Mountain Ranch Day Camp. All 2021 programs have new names and will operate with Covid precautions so that they are as safe as possible. Maintaining consistent, intact group pods each week is now important. There will be no group changes, mixing groups, or indoor large group gatherings. Some past Camp programs, including the Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program and most Focus Camps (except for Horses), will not be offered this year due to this pod requirement.

1st time Camper Advantage. Because of these changes, we expect that those who have been CMR Campers in previous seasons may find that their experience feels different compared to their fun memories of Camp in the past. Those who are 1st time Campers should find Camp to be a lot of fun this year. Everyone can look ahead to the promise that Camp will be even better in 2022!

Not your traditional CIT program. Sadly, the model for our popular CIT program was not feasible while maintaining consistent pods. The nature of the usual CIT program is that the CITs take on multiple roles all around the Ranch. We know some of the biggest features of the program are the opportunities to be with other teens and to build relationships with senior staff mentors of choice, which also allowed time at an activity area of special interest or the chance to help with and learn more about day-to-day operations.

Look ahead… In the future, CITs will again enjoy interactions with peers in leadership workshops, service projects, and recreational activities, and they will again have the opportunity to practice leadership in a variety of ways with a number of other campers and staff members. Looking ahead to next year, smaller Focus groups can again combine with other small groups for part of the day.


2021 Teen Programs. Safe programs for teens this summer will maintain a pod structure. It’s important to understand the features of each option.

Teen Leaders. Teen Explorer Leaders and Teen Mountaineer Leaders will always be with their senior staff mentor who is the counselor for their group of younger campers, forming a pod. They will even ride on the same bus along with their younger camper group of Explorers or Mountaineers.

Teen Mountaineers and Western Riders. For teenagers who wish to interact with peers this summer, we recommend Mountaineers or Western Riders, where there will be groups of older campers. The activities and programs for these groups of teenagers will be designed with a focus on leadership development and individual interests.

Teen Leader partners. This is another way for two teenage friends to be together at Camp as Teen Leaders in the same group. Both teens need to be authorized by their parent or guardian to share the bus seat reserved for the Teen Leader. When registering, be sure to indicate each other’s name where the form asks with whom you wish to be.

Yes, this year will be different, but it will also be an ADVENTURE! Let’s cheer for getting back outdoors, learning and growing, and being active with others!

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