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To avoid exposure to disease, the Colorado Mountain Ranch personnel and policies follow the guidelines as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Colorado State Orders, and the State and Boulder County Health Departments.  All 2020 Summer Family Fun activities take place outdoors in the open air and sunshine.  Group numbers are limited to your own participants (up to eight in your family pod or ‘quaran-team’) with two of our staff members, all wearing masks and social distancing.  All equipment is disinfected between groups.  Staff members are in residence at the Ranch as a family pod or ‘quaran-team.’ After two weeks of quarantine, regular temperature and health checks, masking, social distancing, and disinfection are all a part of daily life.





Get outside in the fresh air and sunshine this summer!

Let the Colorado Mountain Ranch be your host in 2020 for Summer Family Fun! As you and your family group emerge back into the world, stick together for some safe outdoor fun in the mountains. 


Our amazing counselors and instructors will introduce your family to the magic of CMR! If your children have been to camp here, these programs offer a way for them to stay connected to their special place in the mountains, and to share that experience with their family. If you’re new to the Colorado Mountain Ranch, come discover what we’re all about!



At Home with Horses | Horseback Riding | Archery Fun | Mountainboarding Fun | Wilderness Awakening



June 15-August 15, 2020, Tuesdays through Sundays (closed Mondays)



9:30am-11:30am, 1-3pm, 3:30-5:30pm 


All Sessions are two hours long and can be booked back to back if you want to do multiple activities. Please let us know in advance if you are bringing a picnic to stay over from 11:30am-1:00pm.



You will be the only family in the activity area during your session time. We are allowing a maximum of 8 members of your ‘safer-at-home’ family pod per session, meeting the State of Colorado’s recommendations for safe small gatherings.


Most of these activities are suitable for children 5 years and up; some are suitable for even younger children. Our trained staff can provide childcare for younger family members so you can enjoy your activities. We can supervise visits to the barn, where little ones can make friends with our new filly, May, and resident goats (including some babies!).



Feel free to bring a blanket and picnic lunch and enjoy the fresh air, wildflowers and green meadows, ample sunshine, evergreen trees and aspens, along with mountain views. The picnic tables at the Famly Tree are also available.


Click here to schedule your summer visit to the Ranch! We can’t wait to see you.

Activity Options

At Home with Horses

At Home with Horses

$350 / Introductory Experience-2 Hour Session-for up to 8 people

$900 / Continuing Personalized 3-Session Package

Suitable for ages 5+ (childcare for younger family members included)

NEW PROGRAM AT THE RANCH! Your first experience of At Home with Horses will introduce you and your family members to the concept of relationship building by making friends with horses from the ground. You all will walk among the corrals and pens to choose a horse you feel you may be able to connect with. The chosen horses will then join with all of the family in the fenced “home” space together so the relationships can grow and mesh. Let the insight and fun begin! Your family can then strengthen the bond among yourselves and your chosen horses as you continue with further At Home with Horses sessions.  

(Note: this experience allows your family to bond and spend time with a horse, but does not include riding)

$350 / 2 Hour Session-for up to 8 people

Suitable for ages 5+ (childcare for younger family members included)


Let your kids (along with our wranglers) lead you on a casual ride through wildflower meadows and forests of aspen and pine.  We will pair each member of your family with a gentle, friendly horse, who you’ll help groom and saddle before heading out for your ride. Multitudes of routes may lure you back again as you discover the many Ranch trails, which go through woods and climb hills to provide incredible views!

Archery Fun

$200 / 2 Hour Session-for up to 8 people

Suitable for ages 5+ (childcare for younger family members included)


Get outside with the family into the Harmony Meadow and enjoy our archery range with your own archery instructor. We provide all the equipment, including bows, arrows and arm bands for safety. Try out different weighted and sized bows, or if you like, bring your own (no hunting tips, please). Learn the 11 steps for excellent form, aim, marksmanship and safety. Then play really fun guided archery games that will improve your shot and get the family laughing and cheering each other on!

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding
Archery Fun
Mountainboarding Fun

Mountainboarding Fun

$200 / 2 Hour Session-for up to 8 people

Suitable for ages 3+ (childcare for younger family members included)


Have you heard your kids raving about how much they love mountainboarding? Now the whole family can get in on the experience, which is like snowboarding with wheels! Learn to mountainboard on our specially designed terrain park, which offers beginner, intermediate and advanced landscaped features, including the forested Tree Course. These sessions include guided instruction and coaching from our skilled staff. 


Safety equipment is required when Mountainboarding: 

  • The Ranch will provide helmets, elbow and knee pads, and wrist guards—this equipment will be sanitized before use.

  • Each participant will need hearty work gloves or padded winter gloves to protect hands while mountainboarding. For health and safety reasons, we ask that you bring your own.

Wilderness Awakening

Wilderness Awakening

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$200 / 2 Hour Session-for up to 8 people

Suitable for all ages


Get outside and connect with nature along with your loved ones! Explore our 160-acre mountain property with a trained staff member to show you the way. Do some bird watching; hunt for mushrooms; or identify edible, medicinal and poisonous plants. Find and play the huge wooden xylophone hidden in the forest. Head over to the Happy Thought Fool’s Gold Mine and try your luck at finding some iron pyrite or maybe even real gold! Build fairy houses or personal forts or add onto the large community fort. 


Our Ranch staff members can lead the family through different fun nature awareness and immersion activities. Want to take it easy or really stretch your legs? We can design your excursion to the level of physical activity that works for your family.

Payments & Refunds


  • How to Register: To secure your Summer Family Fun session, schedule online. Our office will contact you by email or phone to confirm your reservation and to handle payment.

  • Deposit and Balance: All Summer Family Fun sessions require a non-refundable yet transferable $50 deposit. Your payment balance will be charged the day of your experience. 

  • Credit in your CMR account? For those who paid fees for 2020 Colorado Mountain Ranch Summer Camp, your credit can be applied to the cost of the new 2020 Summer Family Fun programs. We will remove the $50 deposit from the credit in your 2020 account at the time of registration. The balance will be transferred from your CMR 2020 Summer Camp credit on the day of your experience. 

  • Inclement Weather? Most mountain rains last about 10 minutes. If it’s raining hard at the Ranch or the weather forecast is for heavy rain,  Mountainboarding and Archery can be rescheduled, even on the day of your scheduled session.  If the Ranch decides to cancel due to weather onsite or if the family attends their session and they and our instructors feel that the experience was not satisfactory due to inclement weather, the session can be rescheduled and the deposit transferred. Horseback Riding, At Home with Horses and the Guided Nature Exploration can happen rain or shine. Always bring rain gear to be prepared for rain or scattered mountain showers. For all other reasons, deposits are transferable only if the Ranch is notified of your need to reschedule 24 hours in advance of your scheduled time. Your payment balance is charged after your participation on the day of your session.

  • How to Reschedule or Cancel Summer Family Fun sessions: To ensure that your $50 deposit is transferable, please contact us by phone (303.442.4557) or email ( at least 24 hours before your session time. Without advance notice, the $50 deposit will not be transferred or re-credited.




Know someone who was hoping to get hitched this summer? The big day can still happen. Don’t let the complications of the pandemic get in the way of a beautiful wedding. The Ranch is here to provide the perfect wedding venue with incredible photo opportunities for a memorable and easygoing elopement-style wedding that can follow social distancing guidelines.

Check out our Elopement Wedding Package for more details!


“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful ride yesterday!  Your staff was so kind and fun, and we had a great time in the most beautiful setting.  My daughter got her CMR fix and cannot wait for ''regular'' camp next year.  Please extend our appreciation to your team.”

Susan Simonds and Family

We had an amazing time at our archery session with JoJo and Sunshine and were so impressed with the entire experience. The staff went beyond our expectations. Our group … tipped them … but we feel they deserved more.

Thank you, Tanja

When Colorado Mountain Ranch cancelled their Summer camps due to COVID-19 the kids were sad. However, they came up with an alternative. I choose the horse back riding experience for us as a family.⁣ A dream for the boys and basically a therapy session for me to overcome my traumatic experience.⁣


I can file this under things you do for your kids. Things that scare you like crazy. The wranglers at Colorado Mountain Ranch were wonderful. They had patience with the boys. Knew how to handle special needs kids and they never made me feel silly.⁣

Juliette Starck, Parent

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